The Pioneer Library System is here to help small business owners and non-profit organizations have successful employee trainings.  Business training kits are available for check-out free of charge.  Topics include interpersonal relations and communication in the workplace, supervisory and leadership skills, teamwork, creativity, ethics, and customer service.

Each kit comes complete with a wide range of tools for your training needs. This may include DVDs, CD-ROMs, workbooks, a leader's guide, and an agenda that can be adapted to fit your unique training needs. Each kit can be checked out for 6 weeks at a time with the use of a Pioneer Library System library card.

Whether you need a training on leadership, stereotypes, or customer service, the Pioneer Library System has a kit for you and your business.

To reserve a business kit for pick-up at your hometown library please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please allow 3 working days for delivery.

212 Degrees: The Extra Degree
212 degrees the extra degree is an inspiring book with a singular focus on the essential fundamental of effort-- the primary fundamental that feeds all others. Its purpose is to inspire the extra level of effort that produces exponential results.

The Attitude Virus: Curing Negativity in the Workplace
Shows how negative behaviors on the part of managers and employees can cause bad attitudes affecting teamwork and productivity. Gives examples and provides solutions.

Ethics 4 Everyone: A Workshop on Personal Business Ethics
Ethics is all about knowing and consistently doing what's right. This versatile program will help people in both areas. Employees learn that ethics is displayed in everything they do, and that everything they do counts. They see why ethics is crucial to their success in life and how it can make or break an organization.

The incredible true story of one man's courageous quest for the summit of the tallest peak in the world--blind. Erik Weihenmayer has never believed in limitations, even though he is blind. And he's good at understanding other people's perceptions of his abilities. That's why it was easy to ignore the ones who said he was crazy to pursue his dream of climbing Mount Everest. Erik knew that he couldn't do it alone--and he never wanted to. He knew that his vision could only be achieved through the power of teamwork. His story illustrates how the power of leadership and the power of teamwork are interchangeable and interdependent. It shows how a team can rally behind a leader and a leader can become one of the team. And how one man's dream can become a joyful reality--for everyone.

Everyday Creativity 
Uses inspirational stories, memorable locations and Jones' vivid photography to apply simple yet powerful creativity techniques to all aspects of life.

Generations: M.E.E.T. for Respect in the Workplace
Teaches employees and managers how to better communicate across generations in the workplace by using the M.E.E.T. (Make time to discuss; Explore differences; Encourage respect; Take personal responsibility) approach to handling conflict.

In This Together: An Engaging Look at Harassment and Respect 
Provides employees with practical advice on showing and getting respect at work. Covers harassment, gossip, common courtesy and tolerance.

Leadership, an Art of Possibility
In this program, Ben Zander, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and his partner, Roz, provide an opportunity to discover how to transform oneself into a new way of being. He defines the leader's job as a job of possibility. Zander illustrates his leadership concepts using music with artists - orchestra, musicians, performers. This video program provides an opportunity to change your perception of yourself and those you lead and teaches how to re-discover that we can all lead - no matter what our position. an art of possibility.

M.E.E.T. on Common Ground: Speaking Up for Respect in the Workplace
Teaches viewers to recognize, respond to, and resolve difficult interactions in the workplace that can stem from individual and cultural differences. Provides practical skills to create a respectful and inclusive workplace.

Moment of Truth
Vignettes illustrate four questions designed to help individuals resolve ethical dilemmas in the workplace.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results: True Stories of Great Leadership
Sometimes a profound improvement in organizational results stems from one grand maneuver. More frequently, however, it occurs through a series of small changes introduced by average people. Nothing illustrates this concept better than this collection of true stories which show the simple steps some leaders have taken to dramatically improve team performance.

Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts
Based on the ground-breaking book by Leslie C. Aguilar. A video that shows the viewer exactly how to respond in moments of diversity-related tension. No blame, no guilt, no conflict - just practical, specific skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace. OUCH! is a must-have and a must-see for anyone seeking to create and sustain a respectful workplace.

A Peacock in the Land of Penguins
Perry the Peacock, his co-workers, and the penguins learn diversity in the workplace.

Remember Me
Follow the experience of Frank who, although let down by his garage, his bank, the airline he flies with, the hotel he stays in - even his dry cleaners - remains calm and uncomplaining throughout. Because he knows he will win in the end. Frank understands the power of the customer: 'If we can't get good service - we don't complain - we just don't come back - ever!'. On the other hand, Frank understands the power of customer loyalty. 'It's simple: I'll remember you. If you'll just - remember me!'.

Social Media: Reduce the Risk
A lively and engaging introduction to an emerging issue and set in a typical workplace, Social Media: Reduce the Risk explores these topics by re-enacting conversations between employees. The program follows their discussions as they explain the risks of social media, debate the importance of a policy, and exchange insights and opinions.

Supervisory skills I
How to hold successful meetings -- The new supervisor: skills for success -- How to supervise people -- Coaching skills -- Hiring the best.

Supervisory skills II 
Negotiating for business results -- Time management -- Empowering employees -- How to deal with cultural diversity in the workplace.

The Three-Dimensional Interview: Evaluating for Capability, Commitment, and Chemistry
Provides participants with the skills and knowledge they need in order to effectively conduct a consistent structured interview process to hire the best fit with the job requirements and organizational culture.

WAYMISH: Why Are You Making It So Hard – For Me to Give You My Money?
WAYMISH is an acronym for: Why Are You Making It So Hard…for me to give you my money? It represents all the slights and indifferences made by employees and organizations that lead customers to believe that you don't really want their business. Things like not listening to what the customer is saying, putting policies ahead of common sense, not attempting to resolve complaints, etc.

Your trainees will love the way the show's host is COMPLETELY on their side--not trying to embarrass, not trying to preach--just suggesting new more effective ways to handle customer situations.

Whale Done!: The Power of Positive Relationships
Whales and whale trainers at Sea World are used as example of how to build positive relationships in a work environment.

Who cares? 
An engaging host provides narration between a wide variety of realistic and thought-provoking customer service scenes. The viewer is reminded to put themselves in the customer’s shoes as “wrong way” and “right way” service examples are provided. Retail, hospitality, food service, banking and government settings along with man-on-the-street commentaries provide an informative and fast-paced training experience.

Workteams and The Wizard of Oz
Join renowned management expert Ken Blanchard as he observes the adventures of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion trying to reach the Land of Oz. Blanchard shows how "team leader" Dorothy draws on her inner resources, builds a team, delegates tasks and empowers others to imaginatively and creatively take risks.