Guess who has a birthday in the month of February? You might know this wizard as the father of Harry Potter's best friend. You might also know these well-known fictional characters since they are both from DC Comics. One hero was born in Gotham City and is a highly skilled fighter while the other hero was born in Krpyton and soars high in the sky with his superpowers. Do you know who they are?


February 6th

You might know this wizard as the father of one of Harry Potter's best friend.

Arthur Weasley also known as the father of Ronald Weasley, is turning 66 years old this month!  




February 19th 

You might know him as the hero born in Gotham City!

Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, was born. Unlike every other superhero, Batman does not possess any superpowers but uses science and technology to create what will help him through his fights.   



February 29th 

This hero was born in Krpyton and soars high in the sky with his superpowers!

Superman was born and was the first to ever appear in the series of DC Comics. 



All three are amazing and deserve an awesome birthday this year! Interested in books to know more about the story of Harry Potter? Click here! Interested in books to know more about Batman? Click here! Interested in books to know more about Superman? Click here!