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Summer is the time to let your imagination and desire to explore run wild. Whether it is a family vacation travel guide, camp activities to learn rules for a game, or a relaxing read in the shade - the world is filled with numerous reading opportunities.

This summer, your hometown Pioneer Libraries are offering you hundreds of events, thousands of books, and endless hours of reading - both in the libraries and remotely. All you need is your library card.


Ben Franklin coming alive in summer presentation

Ben Franklin“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

  • Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is indeed coming from the 18th century with his many sayings and into the Pioneer Library System’s 2017 Summer Reading Program. The event “Ben Franklin LIVE” welcomes all ages and will tour hometown libraries throughout June and July.

It is, in fact and of course, not THE Benjamin Franklin but a believable facsimile, played by Stephen Smith. Smith’s goal with the program is to “bring history alive,” and he does so through authentic costume and words of the statesman.

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Bringing the zoo into your library

BeaverThe fun and learning of the Oklahoma City Zoo is coming to hometown libraries this summer for the program "Animal Architects," set for a tour of libraries during July.

In keeping with this year’s Summer Reading Program theme “Build a Better World,” this event looks at the many animals that are builders themselves. From termites who raise towers, bees building factories, birds constructing apartments and prairie dogs laying highways, Zoo representatives will detail the ways animals are building in nature.

The program is for ages 11 and under and their caregivers. Registration is not required in advance to attend.

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Build a movie from start to finish in Teen Movie Making 101 class

Geoffrey SmithEach summer brings blockbuster movies, and this summer is giving local teens a look behind the scenes of some of the techniques that make those bestsellers possible.

Teens are taking a crash course in putting together their own movie with the program "Teen Movie Making 101," hosted at hometown libraries during June. The free workshop is part of the library’s Teen Summer Reading Program.

The workshop will be led by Geoffrey Smith, a professional in the Oklahoma television and film industry. Smith is an Artist-in-Residence for the Oklahoma Arts Council and has taught video production in many venues throughout the state for years, including an annual video production camp at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

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Cimarron Opera presentation celebrates “The New Kid”

SRP bannerFor more than 40 years, Cimarron Opera has taken its performances throughout central Oklahoma communities, educating and entertaining through musical theater.

And this summer, its actors will visit the hometown libraries of the Pioneer Library System as part of the annual Summer Reading Program for its presentation of “Cimarron Opera and The New Kid.”

This summer’s production looks into how being different is not such a bad thing and is what makes each person special and unique. The production is geared to ages 11 and under.

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Maker Mobile taking STEAM on the road

Maker MobileFor the past year, the Pioneer Library System has introduced communities throughout its three-county area to new technology and ideas through its Maker Mobile.

This summer the Maker Mobile again will be hitting the roads of Cleveland, McClain and Pottawatomie counties for a series of events highlighting its offerings and also challenging local families to show off their skills in a project.

The Maker Mobile Tween/Teen and Adult Team Project will be offered at each of the 11 hometown libraries in the library system during June and July as part of this year's Summer Reading Program, "Build a Better World."

Teams featuring one adult and one tween or teen (ages 8 to 17) will work in pairs to create a charging station that can be used for multiple devices. The hands-on project will include elements of computer design, machine cutting, and construction.

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Spreading science during the summer

SRP logoIf it’s summer in the libraries of the Pioneer Library System, it means crowds are up more than any time of the year, activity is bustling throughout the building and the energy of summer is ever-present.

It also means the experts from Science Museum Oklahoma are sure to be on the scene at some point to share their knowledge.

For many years, the museum has partnered with Pioneer and libraries throughout Oklahoma to provide programs, primarily during the summer but also on other occasions throughout the year.

Their events aim both to educate and entertain, as participants of all ages get a chance to learn about the science behind the world where they live.

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