SRP logoIf it’s summer in the libraries of the Pioneer Library System, it means crowds are up more than any time of the year, activity is bustling throughout the building and the energy of summer is ever-present.

It also means the experts from Science Museum Oklahoma are sure to be on the scene at some point to share their knowledge.

For many years, the museum has partnered with Pioneer and libraries throughout Oklahoma to provide programs, primarily during the summer but also on other occasions throughout the year.

Their events aim both to educate and entertain, as participants of all ages get a chance to learn about the science behind the world where they live.

Staff from Science Museum Oklahoma’s outreach wing travel outside the museum to provide programming in places like schools and libraries throughout the year. Each year’s library activities tie into both the theme for the annual Summer Reading Program as well as favorite books that relate to the program topic.

This year’s schedule features programs like:

For children, the science of space comes front and center with programs like “Build a Better World in Space,” a hands-on program that takes a look deep into the galaxy. And the “Science of Star Wars” looks into how Star Wars and science converge in a family-friendly presentation.

Teens can take part in the Rube Goldberg Challenge at each hometown library in June. Rube Goldberg was famous for developing overly complicated machines to accomplish simple tasks, and participants will do the same by combining their engineering and logic skills in a collaborative activity.

And adults aren’t forgotten by SMO during the summer either, with events like Science of Star Trek, going inside another sci-fi classic, Life Hacks, a way to use science to help with everyday activities, and Escaping the Carroll House, a free problem-solving contest that taps into the craze of escape rooms.

Registration is required in advance of most programs so enough supplies are available. Check with your local library for requirements for specific programs in which you are interested.

Sponsors for this year’s Summer Reading Program are the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, Friends of the Library groups, Hitachi Computer Products of America Inc., the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Oklahoma Arts Council, Oklahoma College Savings Plan, Pioneer Library System, Pioneer Library System Foundation, SONIC, the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and The Oklahoman Newspapers in Education.