Library Leonardos

Paint an acrylic painting to take home. Professional art instructors will guide students through the simple steps to create your version of a work of art. All supplies provided. No skill necessary. Registration required.

Food For Thought Learning Institute Whole30 in Instant Pots or Slow Cookers

Teens learn to make salsa in this hands-on program where you pick your ingredients and spices & learn how to chop, slice and dice. Take home the result. All supplies provided. Registration required.


The Museum of Osteology: Skeletal Pathologies | A Mazing Skulls | Forensic Osteology: Skulls

Skeletal Pathologies provides a hands-on opportunity to see the evidence of trauma and disease on bones.; A "Mazing" Skulls will have you identifying native Oklahoman animals and dscovering what the skull features reveal; and Forensic Osteology: Skulls will focus on forensic investigation on replicas of human skulls.

T-Shirt Screen Printing

Learn the process of screen printing and be able to produce a printed T-Shirt to take home.


Science Museum Oklahoma: Science Recital | Backstage Escape

Science Recital  is all about picking up good vibrations even from something like a zazfluforn or a grmplebell or your own wacky instrument; and Backstage Escape will challenge your problem solving abilities to save your team from peril.

Rock On! The Maker Mobile

Create word art using Inkscape software, then etch designs on decorative rocks using a laser cutter with the PLS Maker Mobile Team.