Perfect Kid Parfaits

Get a taste for a perfectly healthy parfait in this hands-on program where they whip up their own layered dessert concoction.

Tunes & Tales with Erin Yeaman

Cellist, Erin Yeaman captures children’s imagination with her musical re-enactment of story books.


Extreme Animals

Join us for exciting animal adventures with real live, exotic and domestic animals. Their caretakers will tell us about the animal lives, their sounds, and how to live alongside them in harmony.

Lights! Music! Circus! With Juggle Whatever!

Kelsey and Jeremy show us how to do amazing circus feats such as plate-spinning, juggling and hula hoop tricks.


Science Museum Oklahoma: Sounds of Silence | Rockin' Out with Science | Fantastic Beasts and Whre to Find Them

Sounds of Science will observe exciting experiments, spectacular sounds, and musical marvels; Rockin' Out with Science will have you thinking about what makes music really music; and  Fantastic Beasts is a hands-on adventure with some bizarre and lovable magical creatures finding out what makes them special.

SquishBAND Summer Jam!

Kids! Roll, twist AND shout with SquishBAND. We’ll play songs from the Beatles to the Wiggles, Playhouse Disney songs to the Beach Boys. You’ll also learn about our instruments, sound and technology.


Stop, Drop and Roll Fire Safety Education

Fire safety taught by a professional firefighter up close and fun. Parent and child learn to protect against fires; what to do if there is fire and what to do if your clothing catches fire.

Stop, Go and Tell

For parent & child. A fun, age-appropriate and interactive way to teach children about personal space and boundary rules. Each child receives a free hula hoop as a teaching tool and take-home toy.