How do I use the OverDrive ebooks on an ereader that uses a USB cord transfer?

Getting Started

Install Adobe Digital Editions on PC or Mac and activate it with an Adobe ID

- Download and install Adobe Digital Editions at

- If you do not have an Adobe ID or forgot your log in, visit


Download the ebook to your computer

1. Go to PLS OverDrive website:

2. Sign in with your library card number and PIN (usually last 4 digits of phone number)

3. Find an ebook or audiobook with the Search icon (magnifying glass) in the top left or browse one of the categories listed in the purple bar

4. Click Borrow button (or place a hold button if it is checked out)

5. You will see a notification bar which says the title is checked out to you. Tap Loans from this bar, or tap the icon of books in the top right to go to your Loans.

6. Tap Download, and select the ePUB format

7. Click Confirm

8. Click Open with Adobe Digital Editions when the box pops up (never select Save).

9. Adobe Digital Editions will open and the book will download.

10. You can read it on the computer or transfer it to an ereader


Transfer the ebook to your ereader:

1. Click Library in top left corner

2. Plug ereader into computer with USB cord. It will show up in Adobe Digital Editions in the left hand column underneath Devices

Note: If this is the first time you have used your ereader with Adobe Digital Editions, it will ask you to authorize the ereader.

3. Click on the cover of the ebook, on the right hand side of the screen and drag it to the name of your ereader in the left column. (It will have a red X as you drag it that turns into a green + when you are over the ereader name)

4. A box will pop up and show the book transferring (it may happen fast and be easy to miss).

5. To make sure your book is on the ereader, click on the name of the ereader and see all the books you have on it

6. If your book is on the ereader, you may now close Adobe Digital Editions, unplug the ereader and read the book. 


Return eBook

Titles will automatically return at the end of checkout period. You may return titles early, though.

1. Open Adobe Digital Editions

2. Right click on the book jacket (control - click for Mac)

3. Select Return Borrowed Item


Change Lending Period

1. Go to PLS OverDrive website:

2. Tap on My Account and login with PLS card # and PIN

3. Tap on Settings

4. Change lending period to 7, 14, or 21 days


Renew eBook

Titles may be renewed if no one else has placed a hold on it.

1. Go to PLS OverDrive website:

2. Click My Account and login with PLS card number and PIN

3. Click Renew button underneath title. If title cannot be renewed, you will see the Request again button which will place you on hold for the title. 

How do I donate money to the library?

FoundationThe Pioneer Library System has a Foundation that you can donate to!

The Pioneer Library System Foundation "exists as a nonprofit charitable organization benefiting the services of the Pioneer Library System. The PLS Foundation was created in late 2009 to provide advocacy and financial support to enrich the present and enhance the future of the Pioneer Library System." The Pioneer Library System Foundation is an exempt charitable organization as described in section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN: 01-0946757). 

You can donate to our Foundation in a few different ways: Online, by Mail, or through Amazon Smile

For more information about the Pioneer Library System Foundation and how they support the library system, visit their webage

How do I find Accelerated Reader (AR) books at the library?

Here are some basic steps for finding Accelerated Reader (AR) books at the library:

1. If you do not have Google Chrome, download and install the Chrome browser at

2. Install the Library Extension add-on for Chrome at

3. Go to the Chrome Settings:


4. Select Extensions (on the Left)

5. Scroll until you see Library Extension and then click Options


6. Select and add your libraries

7. Search ARBookFinder at

8. Screen will tell you if your library has the book you are interested in:


How do I print remotely or from a mobile device?

Each of the Pioneer Library System libraries provide wireless and remote printing services through PrinterOn. Visit the following website for the hometown library at which you want to print, and follow the on-screen directions. Or, download the PrinterOn app to your mobile device to easily print from anywhere.

Blanchard -
McLoud -
Moore -
Newcastle -
Noble -
Norman Central -
Norman West -
Purcell -
Shawnee -
Tecumseh -

Common file types that can be printed include: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio, Adobe PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and Fax.

PrinterOn logo Machines take $1 and $5 bills, and the cost is:
- Black & White: 15¢ per page
- Color: 30¢ per page

How do I read Flipster magazines?

Here are the basic steps for reading magazines with Flipster either online, through the Flipster app, or through the Pioneer Library System Connect app.

Internet Browser

1. Visit Pioneer Library System's Flipster collection at

2. If you are outside a library, enter your library card # and PIN (last 4 digits of your phone #)

3. Select a magazine

4. The magazine will open and you can enjoy the full-color magazine in your internet browser

You can access Flipster from any computer, smartphone, or tablet connected to the Internet. Flipster has been tested and confirmed to work on your computer with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, FireFox 28+, Safari 5.1+, Google Chrome 33+

  • If you are using an older browser, Flipster may function properly, but your results may vary.
  • The recommended screen resolution is 1024 x 768
  • Internet Explorer 8 users should turn off Compatibility View by clicking the button next to the web address bar in their browser. Compatibility View may cause some areas of EBSCO interfaces to not display correctly.
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.0 or later is required to use Text-To-Speech on interfaces in which it is available.


Flipster App

The Flipster app manages your magazines downloaded from the Flipster website for offline viewing. Currently a mobile app is available for the iPad and iPad Mini, Android Tablets, and Kindle Fire.


1. Using your device’s internet browser, go to Flipster ( and tap on a magazine to read.The magazine opens in the mobile viewer.

2. Tap the menu in the upper left hand corner and select Open in App. The Flipster app opens and downloads the magazine.

3. Once the download has completed, the magazine is available to read.


Pioneer Library System Connect App

Pioneer Library System Connect makes it quick and easy to access your hometown library on the go. Search the library’s catalog, read ebooks on demand, read Flipster eMagazines, manage your account and find popular titles instantly. It is currently available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

Google Play    Apple App Store Button

Features include:
• Search the catalog for print and digital material;
• Manage your library account and place holds;
• Manage your print and digital book shelf;
• Read and download Flipster eMagazines;
• See what’s popular at the library;
• See the latest in library news & events for your hometown library.

Instructions for reading Flipster emagazines in the Pioneer Library System Connect app are here.