Our hometown libraries offer a tsunami full of water sports and Summer Olympics-rich resources, both online and in print, for learners of all ages. But on this Pathway eager explorers, between the ages of 0 to 12 (and their Summer Learning Coaches), will enjoy learning more about the water sport events at this year’s Summer Olympics: Canoe/Kayak, Diving, Rowing, Sailing, Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, and Water Polo.

So pull down those learning swim caps, and let's get started with Water Sports for Children!

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SailingSailing by Michael Teitelbaum

Overview of the sport of sailing, its origins, famous racers, and tips on starting up this fun hobby.


CanoeingCanoeing by Sara Green

The earliest canoes were merely hollowed-out tree trunks. These gave way to birch bark canoes and, later on, wood-and-canvas canoes. Today there are racing canoes, inflatable canoes, and even whitewater canoes. Readers will delight as their tranquil conceptions of canoeing are shaken and capsized.

OlympicMomentsGreat Moments in Olympic Swimming and Diving by Karen Rosen

Tells the history of the Games, including the great moments sidebars, action photos, great olympians list.




DivingEdgeDiving Off the Edge by Jake Maddox; illustrated by Sean Tiffany

Riley and Blake are best friends, but Blake finds a new group of friends, so Riley joins the swim team and finds he doesn't need Blake's friendship. Blake tries a crazy stunt at the lake one day, will Riley put the past behind and save him?

CorkFuzzCork & Fuzz: the simming lesson by Dori Chaconas, illustrated by Lisa McCue

Cork the muskrat wants his best friend Fuzz, a possum, to visit his home, but first he must teach Fuzz to swim and not be afraid of the water.

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DocMaisy Learns to Swim by Lucy Cousins

Going swimming for the first time together, Maisy, Eddie, and Tallulah venture into the pool and adjust to the cold water while learning how to kick, float, and blow bubbles.


CaptainAwesomeCaptain Awesome Takes a Dive by Stan Kirby; illustrated by George O'Connor

To finish summer swimming lessons, Eugene brings out his superhero alter ego, Captain Awesome, to confront the "Blobby Blob-Blob" at the deep end of the pool.


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EBSCOHostEBSCOhost-  Provides full-text access to a large amount of information in multiple formats.




EncyclopediaBritannicaEncyclopedia Britannica - A familiar resource, digitized and including sound, video and other multimedia features.





Explore These Internet Resources

Official Olympics website

Team USA website

USA Swimming Team website

USA Water Polo Team website

US Rowing Team website

USA Diving Team website

OKC Boathouse District Kids webpage

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