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All hometown libraries will be closed
Sunday, May 24 and Monday, May 25
in honor of Memorial Day.

As we begin a new year, many of us will make resolutions for 2015.  We might want to lose weight and get in better shape.  We might also want to learn something new and expand our knowledge in a particular area.  Why not take this time to make a few resolutions to help grow and strengthen your business as well?  The Pioneer Library System offers resources that can assist you in achieving your business goals and get you on the way to a prosperous and successful 2015. 

Improve your marketing efforts – Our Virtual Library includes databases that can help you indentify your current market, find new customers or help with your plans for expansion.  Business Decision for instance gives you the ability to complete a demographic study of any location you choose nationwide.  Along with traditional demographic information (population, income, household size, etc.), Business Decision gives you insights into how consumers live and spend their money.  This valuable information can be used when deciding what markets to target and what types of advertising to use.  It is also a great tool to use when considering a new location. 

Train your staffBusiness Training Kits are available at all of our library locations.  We have training kits that focus on customer service, respect in the workplace, leadership skills, social media, teamwork and many other topics.  All training kits include a leaders guide, DVD and handout materials.  Many also include a PowerPoint presentation, participant workbooks and books for discussion.  You might feel that your business is too small to conduct trainings of this kind, but ongoing employee development is important no matter the size of your organization. 

Expand your mind – The Pioneer System has a vast collection of Business Book Discussion Kits that can be checked out and used with your company or group.  These kits cover an array of difference subjects applicable in today’s workplace.  The kits include at least ten copies of the book and a discussion guide.  The guide includes reviews and sample discussion questions to get you started.  There are also articles on the author and subject.