Meet Our Heroes  

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Hero Name: Fable Fox
Secret Identity: Leona Bond
Powers & Abilities: Serves the community while hiding in the shadows. Able to reclaim stolen items and return them to their owners. Has strong athletic abilities and razor-sharp claws which are built into her super suit.

Special Notes:
Was taken by the city’s most powerful mafia as payment for her parents’ debt. She chose to leave her new family’s unjust business. Now, she focuses on restoring the happiness of others who have had precious items stolen from them.


Hero Name: Super Levant
Secret Identity: Oliver Davidson
Powers & Abilities: Operates as an officer for a secret mutant organization. Has the ability to beam destructive light forces from his eyes and tactical skills.

Special Notes:
Was a test pilot for the U.S. Air Force. When he was flying his wife and children home after a vacation to the Galapagos Islands, they were shot out of the sky by unknown agents, and he suffered an injury that brought about his power.
Hero Name: Booker
Secret Identity: James Royce
Powers & Abilities: Active after sundown. Able to return lost items & people to their proper places. Enhanced speed, vision & silent movement.

Special Notes:
Was an anthropologist. Discovered, while investigating Chichén Itzá, a mystical artifact which gave him super powers.


Hero Name: Loan Ranger
Secret Identity: Becky Jackson
Powers & Abilities: Not bound by the physical realm, she uses her keen observation powers to provide resources to those in need.

Special Notes:
Always the thrill seeker, she backpacked through Russia during the mid-1980s. Experienced excessive exposure to Chernobyl Disaster.


Hero Name: The Atlas
Secret Identity: Steven Page
Powers & Abilities: Works for the government as a defensive human weapon during times of crisis. Has energy manipulation and the ability to grow to enormous sizes, which also decreases his mental stability.

Special Notes:
Worked on a shrimp boat to escape his multiple warrants. He was recognized by a member of the U.S. Coast Guard and offered a pardon for his crimes if he agreed to participate in a secret experiment.


Hero Name: The Commander
Secret Identity: Phoenix Hale
Powers & Abilities: Acts as a mediator between countries and deters wars by destroying the production of nuclear weapons. Has the ability to melt any material and produce large-scale explosions.

Special Notes:
Worked as a chemist for NASA. While preparing fuel for a rocket launch, The Commander slipped and fell into a vat of perchloric acid, obtaining special abilities.


Hero Name: Raised Band
Secret Identity: Jenna Matthews
Powers & Abilities: Acts a bounty hunter for monsters who have escaped their world and run rampant on Earth. Has an indefinite lifespan and warrior training.

Special Notes:
Was sent to Earth during its time of need because of her passion for justice, loving nature, and unmatched power and strength.


Hero Name: Incunabula
Secret Identity: Lucas McNabb
Powers & Abilities: Protects the city’s citizens and business from greedy, violent criminals who crave and steal money. Has a suit with built in weapons and protection and the ability to fly.

Special Notes:
After acquiring the family business focused on biotech and electronics, he felt inspired by his longtime friend and role model. Using his wealth and knowledge, he decided to take the role of the protector of the city from financial crooks..


Hero Name: Gallant Gazetteer
Secret Identity: Juliana Lithgow
Powers & Abilities: Stands up for and empowers those who have been deeply oppressed in society. Has superhuman strength and the ability to see to someone’s soul to determine truth or deception.

Special Notes:
Was the daughter of a strong warrior princess and later became a warrior princess herself. Gained her immortality and soul searching powers after completing her rigorous warrior training.


Hero Name: Faux Leo
Secret Identity: Tiana Albertson
Powers & Abilities: Wields powerful weapons and tools to defeat the city’s worst criminals and get out of sticky situations. Has the flexibility and strength of a successful gymnast.

Special Notes:
Earned a Gold Medal as a gymnast at the Athens Summer Olympics. Decided to defend justice after she was framed for cheating by a competitor’s coach and had her reputation tarnished and medal taken away from her.


Hero Name: Red Hologram
Secret Identity: Eliza Whinery
Powers & Abilities: Protects the Earth and all of its creatures because of her strong connection to and appreciation for living organisms. Has immortality and the ability to fly.

Special Notes:
Was a university art student. Received her powers from Mount Olympus during a meditation retreat in Greece for her admirable, heightened sense of spirituality.


Hero Name: Glassine
Secret Identity: Leslie Tinker
Powers & Abilities: Desires to protect other planets and species which face the same destruction her species faced years ago. Has superhuman speed, fighting skills, and the ability to heal quickly.

Special Notes:
After a horrible genocide committed by a neighboring planet, she is the last of her species. To better protect herself from potential future attacks, she became proficient in martial arts.


Hero Name: Vellum
Secret Identity: Charlotte Cooper
Powers & Abilities: Uses her skills to gain intelligence about criminal activity and plans from villains and felons. Has hypnosis, advanced psychological defenses, and enhanced immune system.

Special Notes:
Accomplished her longtime goals of becoming both a software programmer and electrical engineer after successfully escaping her contract as a spy for the Foreign Intelligence Service.


Hero Name: NightReader
Secret Identity: Leo Schneider
Powers & Abilities: Provides support and guidance to youth who have been mistreated. Has superhuman balance, night vision, teleportation and ability to blend into the shadows or stick to walls.

Special Notes:
Was born in Eastern Europe and his parents hid him from the public fearing he would be bullied. His existence was uncovered by a nosy neighbor, and he was later invited to become a vaudeville performer.


Hero Name: Invincible Man
Secret Identity: Raymond Kidd
Powers & Abilities: Has the ability to manipulate his body by stretching, compressing, or reshaping it in various other ways that don’t always require his, or any, human form. This power also allows him not to be hurt by most types of impact.

Special Notes:
Was a scientific genius from birth and graduated from college with four different degrees before the age of 18. A peer at his university started a rivalry and attempted to create a bio-toxin to prove some level of superiority over Raymond.


Hero Name: Mighty Verso
Secret Identity: Simon Felgar
Powers & Abilities: Protects Mother Earth and humanity from enemies and tragic weather conditions. Has flight, weather manipulation, superhuman strength, and ability to transport to other dimensions.

Special Notes:
After a fight with his adoptive brother, he fell through a portal to Earth and landed in Iceland. He immediately becomes fond of Earthlings and their ways.


Hero Name: Miss Folio
Secret Identity: Anna Ward
Powers & Abilities: Swears to protect the planet Earth, which she has to grown to love after spending several years unknowingly living the life of a human. Has flight, superhuman strength, X-ray vision, and invulnerability to manmade weaponry.

Special Notes:
After suffering a blow to the head during an exploratory mission to Earth, she forgot her true identity. When faced with a life or death situation with her close friends several years later, she was hit again and regained her memories of her abilities, saving everyone involved.


Hero Name: Opac
Secret Identity: Arthur Ford
Powers & Abilities: Hunts harmful supernatural beings who threaten the future of humanity. Has slowed aging, skill in all types of weaponry and combat, enhanced senses and abilities, and ability to sense all supernatural creatures.

Special Notes:
When young he was attacked by a supernatural being. The attack altered his DNA, giving him heightened powers of some supernatural beings, without the negative side effects.


Hero Name: Pink Pager
Secret Identity: Paul Lennox
Powers & Abilities: Spies on gangsters who plot harmful plans against the authorities. Has telepathy resistance, immortality, and shape shifting.

Special Notes:
An unidentified liquid was poured into his drink at a party. After awaking from a week long coma, he noticed his new mutations and eventually was invited to work for the FBI.


Hero Name: Fee-line
Secret Identity: Regina Simmons
Powers & Abilities: Capable of providing protection for those who are not as strong and cannot stand up for themselves. Has quick reflexes and stealth skills like a cat and can communicate with all cat-like creatures.

Special Notes:
Worked as a veterinarian. Received her powers during her trip to the Andes Mountains after being bitten by a cougar that had started exhibiting the early symptoms of a mysterious disease.