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What are the rules for using the Purcell Library meeting room?

Purcell Public Library Meeting Room Policy


Community organizations and individuals are encouraged to use the meeting room facilities at the Human Resources Center for educational, cultural, and civic purposes. All meetings must be free and open to the public. No public meetings will be scheduled when the library is closed.
Priority is given to programs sponsored by the agencies located in the Human Resources Center. The Board of Education reserves the right of first priority at all times for their use. Additionally, the meeting room serves as a voting precinct site, and these elections have priority over other uses of the room.
The meeting room may not be reserved for commercial or “for profit” purposes.
  • No charge is made, however, use of the room is subject to the following conditions:
  • No admission shall be charged for any activity in the meeting room
  • No services or products may be bought by or sold to the public, unless the organization is affiliated with the library
  • Chair and table setup are the responsibility of the user. At the end of the use of the room, chairs and tables must be returned to their original locations.
  • Food may be served, but the group is responsible for clean up in the kitchen and in the room as posted
  • Groups are responsible for the disposal of all food and the deposit of garbage in bags and containers. Groups may request the use of the vacuum and other cleaning supplies and are expected to clean the floor and all tables and to leave the room in a clean condition ready to be used by the next patrons.
  • Groups are responsible for the condition of the facilities and the care of all building equipment used.
  • If any damage or loss occurs, the group using the room must pay for the repair or replacement of the item(s).
  • No alcohol, smoking, tobacco use, illegal substances, or firearms use permitted. No Silly String allowed. Illegal behavior is not allowed and the Behavior Guidelines for the Use of the Library will be enforced for meeting room users.
  • The meeting room may be reserved for groups and individuals during the hours that the public library is open.
Groups may reserve the meeting room for one meeting at a time up to six months in advance of the event. Multiple meetings may be scheduled only with the permission of the Branch Manager.
To comply with the Fire Code of the City of Purcell, the capacity of the meeting room is 65.
Meeting Room Registration
Community groups and individuals who wish to use the meeting room are required to register with the library. If the group or individual agrees to comply with the criteria stated in the Meeting Room Policy, they are eligible to request use of the room. Each group or individual requesting use of the room is required to state the purpose of the meeting and provide the name, address, and phone number for a responsible contact person.
The Branch Manager in consultation with the Purcell Library Advisory Board and the Purcell Board of Education may make exceptions to this policy.
Statement of Responsibility
Each group or individual booking use of the meeting room must agree to monitor the activities of the participants in the program and activities to minimize the risk of injury to self and to the participants. With respect to any loss or injury arising from the programs and activities, the person reserving the room agrees to release PLS, the Purcell Public Schools, and the City of Purcell from any liability and to indemnify and hold harmless PLS, the Purcell Public Schools, and the City of Purcell for any such claim.
Approved by Purcell Library Advisory Board, October 20, 2010

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