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Adult Non-Fiction

What Stands in a Storm by Kim Cross

A common joke about Oklahomans is that if they hear a tornado warning, they immediately go outside to see if they can see it. WHAT STANDS IN A STORM takes the reader to an eventful April 27, 2011, and the climax of a three-day tornado outbreak that made weather history. Written as if a novel, Cross brings you into the lives of meteorologists, survivors, and the families of those who didn’t live through the terrible storms. Exciting and heart wrenching, this is a read for all.

Teen Fiction

Hit Count by Chris Lynch

Arlo Brodie loves football and the empowerment of taking out a foe on the field. His brother used to feel the same until he suffered permanent damage from the jarring his brain suffered from hit after hit. One would think Arlo would take away a vital lesson from watching his sibling lose his identity and turn to drugs. However, Arlo becomes addicted to the high he feels from making a ferocious hit on the field and he is convinced he is invincible. I really wanted to like this book because it has such an important, current message. But I just couldn’t. I found the writing uninspired and the dialogue trivial. I pledge to keep looking for a male protagonist who can keep my interest.