Featured Reviews from our SRP Heroes

My little sister hugged an ape book coverTitle: My Little Sister Hugged an Ape
Author: Bill Grossman
Notes: Child Audience

Review: it was a crazy book with lots animals. they ran away cause a lil girl kept hugging them. my favorite animal was a zebra


Title: Annabelle the Drawing Fairy
Author: Daisy Meadows
Series: Magical Crafts Fairies
Notes: Child Audience

Review: I liked this one because they always outsmart the goblins! And I was so happy when they got they got the magic pencil sharpener!


Book Jacket CoverTitle: Dragon's Blood
Author: Jane Yolen
Series: Pit Dragon Chronicles
Notes: Teen Audience

Review: I like this book and would recommend it. It had a lot of action, which I thought was great. It also has some kissing, which I didn't like.


Book Jacket CoverTitle: Shadows on the Moon
Author: Zoe Marriott
Notes: Teen Audience

Review: A really good rewrite of the classical fairytale Cinderella with an Ancient Japanese twist. Awesome.


Book Jacket CoverTitle: A Toast to Bargain Wines: How Innovators, Iconoclasts, and Winemaking Revolutionaries Are Changing the Way the World Drinks
Author: George Tabor
Notes: Adult Audience

Review: Nice history on the industry and yes, $10-$15 bottles of wine can be just as good as the $100 bottles. Nice reference guide in the back.


Book Jacket CoverTitle: Severed Souls
Author: Terry Goodkind
Series: Richard and Kahlan
Notes: Adult Audience

Review: I had to give this book the highest marks possible due to the extreme outburst of emotions that it brought out. Any book that moves a reader this much deserves high praise. This is possibly the darkest book that I've ever read. There were two spots in the story where I seriously considered to not finish the book just because I don't think that I could take any more bad happening to my favorite characters. Severed Souls is Terry Goodkind at his absolute very best! November can't get here fast enough for the final book in the Richard & Kahlan series.