TRTL group engages with author in Black History Month event

TRTL groupThe Southwest Oklahoma City Public Library's TRTL group's Feb. 17 meeting featured a Black History Month theme and included a live video chat between attendees and Jennifer Latham, author of the Young Adult novel Dreamland Burning. The book explores racial identity, prejudice and privilege through the eyes of two Tulsa teens, one living in present-day and the other in 1921. 

The discussion group's name "TRTL" changes month to month, titled Teens Reading "T-word" Literature, altering the adjective for each month based on the book they read. For this book, after a debate that also included the word "Tragic," the group decided on "True."

The program was made possible through a grant from the Pioneer Library System Foundation.

The TRTL group is for ages 12 to 17 and meets on the third Saturday of the month. Its next discussion will be at 11 a.m. March 17 and focuses on The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater.

Medication Digital Book Display

The Southwest Oklahoma Public Library is taking on the issue of proper and improper use of medications in two upcoming programs:

The Opioid Epidemic, scheduled for Thursday, March 15 at 6:30 pm, will host a community discussion to examine causes and responses for opioid addiction in Oklahoma. How to Health: Ten Commandments for Using Medication Wisely, scheduled for Tuesday, March 27 at 10 am, will focus on what you should know about medications, including, storing, disposing, and adverse drug effects. 

Check out our Digital Book Display to see just a few library items on these important topics. Ask your librarian for more!

Complete guide to prescription & nonprescription drugs, 2016-2017 by H. Winter Griffith, M.D.

Adult Nonfiction 615.1 CO

Revised and updated, this classic bestseller provides the necessary information about all the prescription and nonprescription drugs that the public has come to rely on. This reference covers 5,000 brand-name drugs and 700 generic drugs.


The brain's way of healing: remarkable discoveries and recoveries from the frontiers of neuroplaticity by Norman Doidge, M.D.

Adult Nonfiction 612.82 DO, Compact Disc 612.82 DO, OverDrive eBook

Norman Doidge's revolutionary new book shows, for the first time, how the amazing process of neuroplastic healingreally works. It describes natural, non-invasive avenues into thebrain provided by the forms of energy around us--light, sound, vibration, movement--which pass through our senses and our bodies to awaken the brain's own healing capacities without producing unpleasant side effects. 

Mind over meds: know when drugs are necessary, when alternative are better - and when to let you body heal on its own by Andrew Weil, M.D.

Adult Nonfiction 615.5 WE, Large Print 615.1 WE, OverDrive eBook & eAudiobook

In 'Mind over Meds,' bestselling author Dr. Andrew Weil alerts readers to the problem of overmedication and outlines when medicine is necessary and when it is not. Dr. Weil examines how we came to be so drastically overmedicated. 


Children's medicine: what every parent, grandparent, and teacher needs to know by Edward A. Bell, PharmD, BCPS

Adult Nonfiction

A pediatric pharmacist for nearly thirty years, Edward A. Bell has spent his career listening carefully to parents' concerns. In 'Children's Medicines,' Bell draws on the latest scientific information, coupled with his experience in hospital and clinic settings, as a university professor, and as a parent, to answer questions about whether, when, and what medications to give to infants, children, and teenagers.

Addiction and overdose: confronting an American crisis by Connie Goldsmith

Adult Nonfiction 362.29 GO

Examines the drug abuse epidemic in the United States, discussing the power of addiction, the types of drugs that are commonly abused, and how to solve the crisis.


A series of catastrophes & miracles: a true story of love, science, and cancer by Mary Elizabeth Williams

Adult Nonfiction 362.19 WI

After being diagnosed in her early 40s with metastatic melanoma -- a "rapidly fatal" form of cancer -- journalist and mother of two Mary Elizabeth Williams finds herself in a race against the clock. She takes a once-in-a-lifetime chance and joins a clinical trial for immunotherapy, a revolutionary drug regimen that trains the body to vanquish malignant cells. Williams's experiences as a patient and a medical test subject reveal with stark honesty what it takes to weather disease, the extraordinary new developments that are rewriting the rules of science--and the healing power of human connection.

Undoctored: why health care has failed you and how you can become smarter than your doctor by William Davis, MD

Adult Nonfiction 615.535 DA

Conventional medicine is no longer working in your favor. He will expose how millions of people are prescribed unnecessary medications, given dietary recommendations crafted by big business, and undergo unnecessary procedures recommended by healthcare practitioners to feed revenue-hungry healthcare systems. He then shows how the modern boom in information tools can be applied to create a comprehensive program to reduce, reverse, and cure common health issues through simple strategies, including harnessing the collective wisdom of new online technologies, so that you can break free of a health care system that puts profits over health. 

No grain, no pain: a 30-day diet for eliminating the root cause of chronic pain by Peter Osborne

Adult Nonfiction 613.26 OS, OverDrive eAudiobook

In 'No Grain, No Pain,' Dr. Osborne shows how grains wreak havoc on the body by causing tissue inflammation, creating vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies, and triggering an autoimmune response that causes the body to attack itself. But he also offers practical steps to find relief. 

Read more: Medication Digital Book Display

Plan a more healthy future with library series

Heart and mouseThe Southwest Oklahoma City Public Library continues its “How-To Health” series with a workshop focusing on the Ten Commandments for Using Medication Wisely, at 10 a.m. Tuesday, March 27, in Rooms A and B.

Dr. Keith A. Swanson, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, will present on new medications, proper procedures for disposing of medication and common issues that can lead to adverse drug effects.

The event is for ages 18 and up, and registration is required in advance.

The program is made possible through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.