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Delivered with love: the PSC

Book pages as heartHave you ever wondered how all of those great titles appear on the shelves of your library? It's all through the diligent work of the individuals at the Pioneer Service Center (PSC).

Sometimes the process begins when patrons suggest purchases that they would like the library to include in the collection. These requests are considered daily by the Pioneer Library System Material Selectors and are purchased if possible, because there is nothing that makes librarians happier than acquiring new material. The Selectors tirelessly review multiple book review publications and popular title listings and lovingly create a library collection that is eclectic and represents the diverse interests of the hometown library communities.

The orders are received by our approved list of book sellers and they begin the process of locating the books in warehouses across the world. Sometimes the process of locating a title to fill our requests may seem to take a while, but that time is necessary to insure a copy that will withstand the heavy use by many library patrons is delivered to the library shelves. As the orders are filled they are shipped to the PSC.

Once the books are delivered to the PSC a product quality control process begins - where every item that is ordered is inspected to ensure that it is undamaged and properly accounted for. Extreme care is used in making sure that every book that the library has purchased makes it to the branch collections; we don’t want to miss a single beloved title.

Next the Cataloging staff springs into action and begins creating the records that you see when searching the online public access catalog. While part of this process is automated, it still relies on skilled personnel to create the rich catalog entries that you have come to expect from your local library. They add important information such as other books in the series, additional subject descriptions, and perform many other ‘behind the scenes’ tasks that make the catalog more user friendly.

Once the Processing staff has put their stamp of approval (sometimes literally) on the various forms of material that the library offers, it is double checked to make sure that all of the books have been properly cataloged, labeled, and sorted for distribution to their appropriate hometown location.

The Pioneer Library System provides library services to 3 counties in central Oklahoma. And the PSC has an extremely committed Delivery Service Personnel who transport material to all of our branches 6 days a week.

Finally your local library receives the material, sorts it into its appropriate sections, and places it on shelves or displays for our favorite person, You.

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