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Financial Fitness logo Credit Crunches:

  • Your credit score is based on the 3 “Cs” of credit: Collateral, Capacity and Character
  • Credit scores were developed to combat discrimination in lending
  • Pull your credit report at least once a year through to find and correct errors and check your credit accounts
  • Someone with “bad” credit could pay more than $250,000 more over a lifetime in interest and fees than someone with “good” credit
  • Protect your information from identity theft online, in stores and when paying in stores or restaurants and among family members – where most identity theft occurs

Financial Suggestions Provided By:

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Oklahoma – CCCS is a non-profit agency committed to helping people help themselves become financially strong individuals and families through counseling, debt management and education. or 405-789-2227 or 800-364-2227

Web Links:

  • FINRA Investor Education Foundation - - Unbiased financial tools and information for military families and all investors from the FINRA Foundation.
  • Annual Credit Report - - Monitor and review your credit report with the big three credit agencies. TransUnion, Experian, Equifax.
  • Federal Reserve Consumer Information - - This new guide includes answers to common questions about your credit report, such as how your credit score is calculated, and how to fix errors found in your credit report.
  • Federal Trade Commission - - Provides detailed information to help you deter, detect, and defend against identity theft.

Suggested Reads:

book jacket for Can I Pay my Credit Card Bill with a Credit Card?Can I pay my credit card bill with a credit card? : and other financial questions we're too embarrassed to ask! by Mary Hunt
An array of personal finance answers written in Mary Hunt’s warm, relevant and non-judgmental style




book jakcet for the Smart Consumer's Guide to Good CreditThe smart consumer's guide to good credit : how to earn good credit in a bad economy by John Ulzheimer with Deanna Templeton
Answers all of your questions about credit (including the ones you didn't even know you should be asking!) and explains the best ways to work toward improving a bad credit score.



book jacket for Credit RepairCredit Repair by Robin Leonard and John Lamb
Learn how to: avoid overspending; establish a realistic budget; get out of debt now; build a financial cushion; read and understand your credit report; get mistakes on your credit report fixed; protect your social security number; avoid credit discrimination; get positive information added to your credit report; negotiate with creditors. Includes forms and letters on CD-ROM.


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