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Debt Drills

Financial Fitness logo Debt Drills:

  • Make a plan to stop accumulating new debt.
  • Build your budget to include a plan to pay all your debt.
  • Pay bills on time and in full every month to have a good credit score.
  • If you need help putting together a plan to get debt free, seek help from an accredited non-profit credit counseling agency.
  • Don’t fall for schemes from companies offering to help you pay only a percentage of your debt. These practices are highly predatory and deceptive.

Financial Suggestions Provided By:

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Oklahoma – CCCS is a non-profit agency committed to helping people help themselves become financially strong individuals and families through counseling, debt management and education. or 405/7892227 or 800/364-2227

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Suggested Reads:

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book jacket for How to Debt-Proof Your MarriageHow to Debt-Proof Your Marriage by Mary Hunt
covers everything couples need for managing their money harmoniously, including how to reconcile different money behaviors and beliefs, let go of financial fears, understand the basics of practical money management, share financial work between two people, manage roller-coaster incomes, successfully live debt-free. Hunt's essential guide will help couples protect both their marriage and their money.



book jacket for Master Your DebtMaster Your Debt: slash your monthly payments and become debt free by Jordan E. Goodman with Bill Westrom
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book jacket for Debt Free for LifeDebt-Free for Life: the finish rich plan for financial independence by David Bach
The knowledge, the tools, and the mindset we need to get out of debt and achieve financial freedom


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