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Budget Basics

Financial Fitness logo Budget Basics:

  • Identify all areas of income coming into the household
  • Track your spending to understand what your spending behaviors actually are
  • Build a detailed monthly budget capturing expenses that take place all year round
  • Find creative solutions to balance your budget
  • Treat savings for goals and emergencies just like a bill – pay it on the day you get paid

Financial Suggestions Provided By:

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Oklahoma – CCCS is a non-profit agency committed to helping people help themselves become financially strong individuals and families through counseling, debt management and education. or 405-789-2227 or 800-364-2227

Web Links:

  • FINRA Investor Education Foundation - - Unbiased financial tools and information for military families and all investors from the FINRA Foundation.
  • Financial Literacy Now - – Information on creating a budget and financial plan.
  • Mind Your Finances - - Tools for building a successful savings plan
  • Pocketsmith - - A free, web-based calendar-style-budget for tracking your income and expenses.

Suggested Reads:

book jacket for the Money Saving Mom's BudgetThe Money Saving Mom's Budget by Crystal Paine
Breaks down your goals into easy, manageable steps so you can: achieve a complete financial makeover; set up a realistic budget; never pay retail; slash your grocery bill; organize your time & your home; use coupons wisely; pay with cash only; live simply; become debt free; choose contentment; and make every dollar count.



book jacket for The Total Money MakeoverThe Total Money Makeover: a proven plan for financial fitness by Dave Ramsey
Will help you design a sure-fire plan for paying off all debt; recognize the 10 most dangerous money myths; and secure a big, fat nest egg for emergencies and retirement.



book jacket for The Real Cost of LivingThe Real Cost of Living: making the best choices for you, your life, and your money by Carmen Wong Ulrich
Well-known personal finance expert Carmen Wong Ulrich makes personal finance personal and takes into account that we all have motivations that go way beyond number crunching. From marriage and family to career, investing, and more, Carmen examines the "real cost" of the choices we all make every day.



book jacket for The Cheapskate Next DoorThe Cheapskate Next Door: the surprising secrets of Americans living happily below their means by Jeff Yeager
reveals the 16 key attitudes about money – and life – that allow the cheapskates next door to live happy, comfortable, debt-free lives while spending only a fraction of what most Americans spend. Their strategies will change your way of thinking about money and debunk some of life’s biggest money myths.



book jacket for The New Good LifeThe New Good Life: living better than ever in an age of less by John Robbins
Provides a philosophical and prescriptive path from conspicuous consumption to conscious consumption. Where the old view of success was measured by cash, stocks, and various luxuries, the new view will be guided by financial restraint and a new awareness of what truly matters. A passionate manifesto on finding meaning beyond money and status, this book delivers a sound blueprint for living well on less.


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