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Instructions & Process for Consideration of Author Submissions

Marketing your Material to Pioneer Library System

1.  Completely fill out and submit the Author Submissions/Donation Form and mail it to the appropriate selector with a copy of the item to be considered for addition to the library collection.  A review copy is necessary for consideration, unless the material has been reviewed.

2.  Materials are mailed directly to the Center for Readers’ Services, 300 Norman Center Court, Norman, OK 73072 to be considered by the appropriate Pioneer Library System selector.  Please address your mailing to the attention of the appropriate selector from the list below:

  • Adult Fiction print and nonprint audio
  • Adult Nonfiction print and nonprint audio
  • Adult and Teen Graphic Novels
  • Teen Fiction and Nonfiction print and nonprint audio (audiences 12-19 years old)
  • Children’s Fiction and Nonfiction print and comic books (for audiences up to 12 years old)
  • Children’s nonprint materials (audiobooks, G-rated films and music)
  • Adult Fiction and Nonfiction films and documentaries

3.  If not added to the library collection, materials sent for review will not be returned unless the sender includes a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope.

4.  Materials will be evaluated and a decision made within 2 weeks of receipt of the item.

5.  A letter of acceptance or refusal will be mailed to the donor within 2 weeks of receipt of the item.

6.  Selection decisions are made based on the PLS Collection Development Policy, reproduced in part here:

PART II.  FACTORS IN SELECTION  (Collection Development Policy)

  • Objectives in Selection

The Pioneer Library System attempts to provide a representative, well-balanced collection of general and specialized materials to meet the needs of the communities it serves. Designated librarians, with assistance from branch staff, will determine the focus of each branch collection. Library materials will be provided to connect customers to the joy of reading and encourage lifelong learning. In order to fulfill this mission, Pioneer Library System maintains a collection of materials that is determined by budget, space, and current library service priorities. Service priorities may change in accordance with the library’s planning process

Separate collections are provided for children, teens, and adults using the General Selection Criteria. Not all material will be suitable for, nor of interest to, all segments of the community. Librarians are available to help customers locate items that fit their personal tastes and interests. The supervision of a minor’s access to library materials is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

  • General Selection Criteria

Regardless of format, materials selected must meet several of these criteria:
1. Community needs, interests and demands
2. Accuracy
3. Favorable reviews in critical library and other professional review publications
4. Author's, artist's or publisher's qualifications or reputation
5. Social significance
6. Availability of funds
7. Suitability for intended audience
8. Quality of presentation
9. Diversity of viewpoint and culture
10. Timeliness

Last updated July 19, 2011

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