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What happens if my books are late?

No fines are charged for late return of Mailbox Library books.  However, not returning books may result in future shipments being delayed or discontinued.  If books are lost, customers will be charged for lost books.


How long can I keep the books?

Mailbox Library books are checked out for a loan period of 30 days, and may be renewed for another 30 days, if not on hold for another customer.  Renewals must be requested before the first 30 days are up.

How many books can I get at a time?

The number is limited to the size of the zippered bag.  A zippered bag holds approximately 4 or 5 children’s books.

Can I return the books to my Hometown Library when I go to town?

You may return the books to any branch or Information Station of the Pioneer Library System.  However, they must be put in the zippered bag for any return and the label turned over, so they will be correctly identified as Mailbox Library items.