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What are the rules for using the McLoud Library meeting room?

1.    The Milburn Meeting Room at the McLoud Public Library is available for reservation and use by members of the public according to the following rules and regulations:  

           a. All meetings and gatherings held in the library must be free and open to the public at all times.  Meeting rooms may not be reserved for commercial purposes.  No products or services may be bought or sold to the public unless the selling organization is affiliated with the library.  

          b. Each group desiring to reserve a room shall designate a single person that will make the reservations and will serve as contact person for the group.  This person shall be personally responsible, on behalf of the group, for returning the facilities in a clean and undamaged condition.  Failure to comply shall result in loss of privileges for the individual and/or group.  Evaluation of the facilities will be made by library staff.

          c. The Milburn Meeting Room may be utilized between the hours of 8:00 am and 10:00 pm daily, excluding holidays.  Use of the meeting room when the library is not open requires a $25.00 key deposit.  The key must be picked up and returned in person for return of deposit.  Use of room at other times is subject to the approval of the branch manager.

          d. The meeting room may not be reserved more than six weeks in advance with priority given to meetings involving library business.  Only one meeting may be scheduled at a time.

          e. The person reserving the Milburn Meeting Room will be responsible for the comportment and demeanor of persons attending the meeting.  Meetings held during the operating hours of the library will conform to noise levels determined by the library staff.

          f.  No alcohol, illegal substances or drugs are permitted.  

          g. No firearms are allowed.

          h.  No open flames are permitted.

2. The City of McLoud and the Pioneer Library System reserve the right to refuse the use of the Milburn Meeting Room to any person or group who fail to agree to the terms of the reservation form which includes an assumption of liability and an agreement of indemnification.

3. The City of McLoud and the Pioneer Library System do not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of exhibits or exhibitors.

The undersigned warrants that their group will:

           a. Abide by all rules of the City of McLoud regarding the use of the Milburn Meeting room.

           b. Pay for all damages that are caused during the use of the facilities.

           c. Pay for cleaning of facilities if not returned in a clean condition.

           d. Pay for re-keying the locks if key is not returned after usage.

Further, the undersigned, on behalf of themselves and the group reserving the meeting room, agree to monitor the activities of the participants in the programs and activities to minimize the risk of injury to myself and the participants. With respect to any loss or injury arising from the programs and activities, I agree to release the Pioneer Library System and the City of McLoud from any liability and to indemnify and hold harmless PLS and the City for any such claim.

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