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What are the rules for using the Norman Library meeting rooms?

Norman Public Library Meeting Room Policy

The Norman Public Library encourages the public use of meeting rooms as gathering places to exchange ideas, access and share information and participate in programs created for public enjoyment.  The Library’s meeting rooms are available for use by community organizations and individuals for educational, cultural, and civic purposes. 

Because the Library’s facilities are currently limited due to increasing demand and decreasing space, meeting rooms may no longer be scheduled for purely social purposes.  This includes baby showers, birthday parties, family gatherings, and other celebratory occasions.  The meeting rooms may not be used for commercial purposes or for programs designed to promote the purchase of products or services.

Scheduling priority is given to programs and meetings sponsored by the Library and the City of Norman. Permission to use a Library meeting room does not in any way constitute an endorsement by the Library of the group or individual’s policies or beliefs and no claim to that effect or Library sponsorship may be used, explicitly or implicitly, in advertising.

Further, the undersigned, on behalf of themselves and the group reserving the meeting room, agree to monitor the activities of the participants in the programs and activities to minimize the risk of injury to myself and the participants. With respect to any loss or injury arising from the programs and activities, I agree to release PLS and the city or town from any liability and to indemnify and hold harmless PLS and the city or town for any such claim.

No charge is made for the use of the rooms, but all uses are subject to the following conditions:


a)  Meeting rooms may be reserved only by valid Pioneer Library System card holders.

b)   All meetings must be free and open to the public. 

c)   No admission shall be charged for any activity in the rooms.  No services or products may be bought or sold to the public, unless the organization is affiliated with the library or the City of Norman.   No dues or sign-up fees may be collected by an organization while in the room.

d)   Set up of tables and chairs are the responsibility of the user. No library personnel are available to assist groups.  This includes arranging rooms, carrying supplies, and giving technical support.

e)   Materials are not to be attached to walls or windows by any means (tape, nails, tacks, adhesives, etc.)  If requested, the library will provide easels.

f)   Meetings must be concluded and the room returned to its original condition prior to the end of the Library’s business day.  Failure to do so may result in the loss of meeting room privileges.

g)   Food may be served in the rooms.  Groups are responsible for the disposal of all food and trash in the dumpster to the north of the building. 

h)   If any damage or loss occurs, the group using the room must pay for the repair or replacement of the items.

i)    All meetings must be held during library hours.  Exceptions must be cleared through the Branch Manager.

j)    The Library reserves the right to move groups to other rooms when necessary.

k)   The Library Branch Manager reserves the right to cancel any meeting should conditions or situations warrant such action.

l)    An adult leader shall be present at all times and be responsible for the supervision of any groups of children under the age of eighteen.

m)  The following items are prohibited in Library meeting rooms:

Red punch, cooking, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances or drugs, firearms, open flames, including the burning of candles or tea lights, excessive noise levels, smoking.




a.   Each group or individual is required to fill out a registration form prior to each meeting.  The form must be signed by an adult (age 18 or older) with a valid Pioneer Library System card.

b.   Rooms may be reserved up to three months in advance for one meeting and one room at a time. By necessity, meetings currently are limited to 4 hours per day.  Exceptions may be made by the branch manager.

c.   In the event that meeting room A/B is not in use by a registered group, the room may be used by a registered individual adult (age 18 or older). However, the room may not be reserved in advance for individual use.

d.   Requests for use of equipment must be made at the time of the room reservation.  Available equipment is listed on the registration form.  All equipment remains in the library.

e.  The Library will confirm the reservation with the contact person.


The Norman Public Library has two meeting rooms:

Room A/B, capacity of 50

Lowry Room, capacity of 197


Norman LibraryBoard Approved February 26, 2007

Updated,  Norman Library Board, August 16, 2010


Click here to access the online Meeting Room Request Calendar

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