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Library Policies

Circulation Policy

The Circulation Policy contains specifics regarding who is eligible to check out materials, for how long, and how fines and damages are handled.

It also includes information about services available through the hometown libraries.

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If you need a quick answer regarding library cards please see our other Policy FAQs

Collection Development Policy

The Collection Development Policy contains information for library users seeking to understand the process of materials selection, maintenance, and the composition of the collection. Materials include books, magazines, movies, and online resources available for library patrons.

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Criteria for a Proposed Branch

The Criteria for a Proposed Branch contains the criteria for continuous assessment of library services using a planning process that responds to community needs and expectations through role selection and long-range planning.

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Customer Conduct Policy

Rules of Conduct of customers to ensure the hometown libraries are a safe and comfortable place for patrons.

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Information Station / Pioneer Library System Community Place Guidelines

This document describes the responsibilities of PLS and hosting sites in providing library services through the Information Stations and Pioneer Library System Community Places.

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Internet Access Policy

Explains Pioneer Library System's Internet Access Guidelines.  Includes rules regulating children and the Internet, limitations on internet access in the library and also legal and ethical issues with which the hometown libraries deal in providing internet access.

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Oklahoma Open Records Act

Explains the process of filing an Open Records request with the Pioneer Library System.

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Programming Policy - Pioneer Library System

Policy regarding types of programs conducted by hometown libraries and Pioneer Library System. Also includes information regarding presenters fees, promotional material and selling of products.

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Public Information Area

Guidelines for the public to display information in hometown libraries' space.

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Public Participation in Board Meetings

Information regarding public attendance and participation in PLS Board Meetings.

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Purchase Policy

Process surrounding purchases made by the Pioneer Library System and hometown library personnel.

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Safety of Children Policy

Explanation of policy regarding use of library by unsupervised children.

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Surplus or Obsolete Equipment

Guidelines regarding the Pioneer Library System's handling of surplus or obsolete equipment.

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Video Surveillance Policy

This policy establishes rules, procedures and guidelines for the use of video surveillance systems in the public areas throughout the Pioneer Library System.

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