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Overdue Materials and Consequences

How long may I have library materials checked out?

Item Type Maximum Check-out Loan Period Fine Per Day Maximum Fine
Books 60 items* 21 days 10 ¢
High Demand Items/Special Collections 4 items 7 days 10¢
Book Sizzlers 4 items 21 days 10¢
Magazines unlimited 7 days 10¢ $3
Videos/DVDs 60 items* 7 days 10¢ $3
DVD Sizzlers 4 items 2 days 10¢ $3
Moviebox DVDs & Blu-rays 4 items 7 days 10¢ $3
Audio Books 60 items* 21 days 10¢ $3
Literacy Kits 2 kits 7 days 10¢ $3
Book Discussion Kits 2 kits 42 days 10¢ $3
Downloadable ebooks, audiobooks & movies 10 items select 7, 14, or 21 days No fines No fines


*60 items total of all items per customer

What are the fines for overdue materials and how are they handled?


All Library Materials: 10¢ per day, maximum fine per each item $3.00
Customers with fines over $10 are restricted from checking out materials, but may use computers and online resources

Replacement costs for library materials are charged to the account when it is declared lost or unreturned.

After a customer has received an overdue notice, and the item has not been returned, a bill notice will be sent for the replacement cost of the lost item.

The fee paid for the replacement cost of a lost item is generally non-refundable even if the item is returned at a later date. Any refund of fees paid must be requested from the Pioneer Library System business office.

Partial payment of accumulated fines and bills will be accepted.

A customer who claims to have returned an item is not responsible for fines or lost charges on that item.

Overdue Notices

Will you remind me when my materials are due?

You can choose email, telephone, or printed notification. Just contact your hometown library to select your preferred method of notification

Email notification, borrowers are reminded 3 days before the due date to return materials, as well as the regular printed notification intervals after the due date.

Telephone notification, borrowers are reminded immediately after the due date and then are sent the final and billing notices if the materials are not returned.

Printed Reminder Notice is sent out 10 days after the initial due date.

A month after the initial due date, a Final Notice is sent if materials are not returned.

Billing Notices

How are billing notices handled?

Customers who have not contacted the library or otherwise attempted to settle their accounts will be referred to UMS two weeks after the library’s billing notice is sent.

Unique Management Services (UMS) is a well-respected, professional agency specializing in material recovery services for libraries.

If items are not returned, and the amount owed is more than $50, the customer’s account information is sent electronically to UMS. A $10 charge is added to the customer’s account to cover the cost of the UMS service. Customers referred to UMS are not cleared of credit jeopardy until items are returned and/or all charges are paid to the library.

See the complete Circulation Policy for more detailed information

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