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What kind of material can minors access at the library?

Parental Consent

The signature of a parent or guardian acknowledges responsibility for library materials checked out to the child. It is the policy of the library not to act in loco parentis, in keeping with the principles of equal access to information and materials for all customers.

Therefore, the library will not restrict any customer, including children, from access to any type or class of materials or from any information in the library.

If a parent or guardian does not wish his/her child to have access to particular materials, they will need to discuss the restrictions with the child in the context of their parent-child relationship.

If a parent or guardian wishes to withdraw the acknowledgement of responsibility from his/her child's card, the library staff will deactivate the child's record, so that no materials may be checked out to that card. The child's access to library collections and the Internet is then available only through the parent or guardian's library card.

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