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How do I log in to a library database?

Home access to most of the PLS subscription databases are available to any individual able to check out material from a hometown library. Once you click on the name of the database you want to use you will be prompted for your library card number and PIN.

Below are some common problems and solutions to accessing some of the subscription databases remotely. If none of these suggestions work towards fixing your access please do not hesitate to contact us.

Database Access Troubleshooting
Database Name Problem Suggestion
All Databases
Cannot log in If your library card number and PIN is not allowing you access to our databases please try clearing your cache before contacting us.

Internet Explorer 7 Directions
1. Click Start and select Settings, then Control Panel.
2. Double-click Internet Options.
3. Click the General tab.
4. Click Delete under the Browsing History section.
5. Click Delete Files in the Delete Browsing History dialog box.
6. Click OK.
7. Click Close.
8. Close and relaunch your browser.

Internet Explorer 6 Directions
1. Click Start and select Settings, then Control Panel.
2. Double-click Internet Options to open Internet Properties.
3. Click Delete Files.
4. Click OK on the Delete Files dialog box.
5. Click OK.

Firefox Directions
1. Click Tools and select Options.
2. Click the Advanced icon and click the Network tab.
3. Click Clear Now under the Cache section.
4. Click Ok.
5. Exit and relaunch the browser.
All Databases

Norton Internet Security and Norton Personal Firewall (Symantec products) Users

Database prompting for additional username and password

To authenticate users from home we use a process called "referring URL". Symantec products block this functionality. To enable access to library databases please visit the Symantic help pages for Passing referrer information to specific Web pages in Norton Internet Security and Norton Personal Firewall. The URL you want to allow is

If you use an version of Norton older than 2002 the directions are available by clicking here.

All Databases
Cannot access from school If you are having problems accessing any databases from school, but can access from home, please contact us and let us know from which school and district and which database you are having problems.
Ancestory Library
Cannot access from home Ancestory library is only available to patrons using computers inside one of the hometown libraries.
This includes people using personal laptop and accessing the database through our wireless internet.
Oklahoma Archives
Cannot access from home The Oklahoma Archives works best with Internet Explorer. If you are using any other browser and need access to the database you may consider downloading IE.
Library Catalog
Cannot place hold or having trouble placing hold As of December 2007 the Library Catalog works best with Internet Explorer. Please consider downloading IE if you are wanting to easily place holds. If you are already using IE and still having problems please clear your cache and try again.
Library Catalog
Search is not working or returns nothing If you try a search and it returns nothing please contact us for assistance.


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