Learn about accessing free downloadable items in class

KindleFireAre you interested in downloading audiobooks and eBooks on OverDrive and want to become a pro at it?The Newcastle Public Library will give readers a look inside the library’s resources for downloadable materials at its adult program Download Audiobooks and eBooks with OverDrive, being offered at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 15, at the library.

The workshop is an opportunity for learning how to use the library’s downloadable content through the service OverDrive. Participants are encouraged to bring their mobile device so they get a hands-on chance to learn how to download materials with their own device.

Devices that can be used to download books from the library include eReaders, smartphones, computers or tablets.

Registration is not required to attend the program. All participants must bring their library card or card number, and make sure their device is registered with the manufacturer. Come learn more about our popular service, OverDrive!