De-stress with help from the Oklahoma Museum Network

Have no fear! The fun of the Oklahoma Museum Network isn’t just limited to youngsters this summer. Scientific stars will give adults a look into making their own bath complements as part of the Adult Summer Reading Program in the program “De-Stress with the Science of Herbs and Oils,” coming to the Noble Public Library at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 9. Space and materials are limited, so registration is required, which can be done online.

“There is such a big push to go natural, and there are ways to make your own in a do-it-yourself project,” said Eileen Castle, Outreach Coordinator for the OMN.

Among the projects available will be cocoa butter, salt and sugar scrubs and bath bombs, all from natural materials safer than some of what goes into store-bought products.

The bath bombs in particular are an item Castle said have grown in popularity, with participants able to customize what they want with herbs and essential oils to get just the right scent.

All supplies will be provided by representatives from the museum network, and participants will get a chance to take several items they have made straight from the program to the bath.

Sponsors of this year’s Summer Reading Program are the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, Friends of the Library groups throughout the Pioneer Library System, Hitachi Computer Products of America Inc., the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Kirkpatrick Family Fund, Oklahoma Arts Council, Oklahoma College Savings Plan, the Pioneer Library System, Pioneer Library System Foundation, Sonic, The Oklahoma Department of Libraries and The Oklahoman Newspapers in Education.