Get a lesson in an old skill with teen Sewing 101 workshops

“Sewing teaches you so many skills, real life things like cost comparison,” said Cathleen Taylor, Extension Educator with the Pottawatomie County OSU Extension Service.

Gain a new skill at Noble Public Library through a two-day workshop for teens titled “Sewing 101 for Heroes.” The workshop runs at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, July 8, and Thursday, July 9. Registration is required.

The classes will be taught by representatives from the OSU Extension. Each PLS library will host a two-day class for teens, who will make their own tote bag, pretty much from scratch.

In addition to the leadership of the Extension educators, participants will be assisted by volunteers who are part of the home community education volunteers group, so the work will be as close to 1-on-1 instruction as possible.

No previous experience in sewing is required for participants, as they’ll get a lesson from the ground up in an art that isn’t perhaps passed along as it was in generations past. And, as is the case with so many other topics for teens, it’s a chance to extend learning inside the walls of their library.

Sponsors of this year’s Summer Reading Program are Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation • Friends of the Library • Hitachi Computer Products of America (Inc.) • Institute of Museums and Library Services (IMLS) • Kirkpatrick Foundation • Oklahoma Arts Council • Oklahoma College Savings Plan • Pioneer Library System Foundation •  Sonic—America’s Drive-In, Corp. • The Oklahoma Department of Libraries • The Oklahoman Newspapers in Education