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Spend Spring Break afternoons with the library

FlowerNorman Public Library West is giving Spring Break a jolt of activity with daily afternoon events taking place throughout the week.

The schedule of programs, which begin at 2 p.m. each day, features:

March 19Giant Games, with super-sized versions of favorites like Candy Land, Jenga and Scrabble, for ages 11 and under;

March 20Spring Crafts, focusing on the reasons that rain is helpful. For ages 11 and under;

March 21OKC Zoo: Flower Power, featuring a visit from the Oklahoma City Zoo to look into the importance of flowers in the everyday lives of many animals. The event also features a sweet flower treat like the critters in Rita Gray’s book “Flowers Are Calling.” For ages 11 and under;

March 23DIY Coasters, use supplies provided by the library to make a unique drink coaster. For teens ages 12 to 17;

March 24Children’s Chamber Music Concert, led by cellist Erin Yeaman, this event combines stories and music in a kid-centered concert. For ages 11 and under;

Registration is required separately for the activities.