Juggling, hula hooping, and more

KelseyHoopsQuestion: What do juggling balls, hula hoops and unicycles have in common?

Answer: They'll all be part of the festivities as Jeremy and Kelsey Philo show off their talents at the Tecumseh Public Library event "Juggle Whatever," at 2 p.m. Thursday, July 28.

Jeremy Philo will bring his fast-paced juggling talent in what will start as a demonstration before children get a chance to participate and learn some basics of juggling themselves.

And, as a bonus, Jeremy's wife Kelsey, hula hoop aficionado behind Kelsey Hoops, will give a hula-hooping demonstration and give children a chance to try out their hula hoop skills.

The event is geared to ages 11 and under. Registration is not required in advance to attend.