‘Nighttime Ninjas’ are invading Tecumseh

Cyprus Spiny Mouse
Slow Loris
Western Woolly Lemur

What do all these creatures have in common? Besides funny sounding names that would also work great in an MMORPG? They are all Nocturnal. Which means they are active at night. And on Tuesday, June 2, at 2 p.m. teens are invited to interact with some of these Nighttime Ninjas! as part of the first week of the library’s 2015 Summer Reading Program.

The Nighttime Ninjas program is intended for those 12 years of age and older. Teens will interact with several nocturnal creatures and learn from animal experts about their survival and habits.

For those under the age of 12, please know this program is coming back on July 23, especially designed for children.

It’s part of the zoo’s series of outreach events made available thanks to a grant from the Oklahoma City Zoological Trust.

Registration is not required in advance to attend, but seating is limited so early arrival is encouraged.