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The Pioneer Library System is among the public libraries and systems nationwide that have been selected for a Smart investing@your library grant from the American Library Association and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Investor Education Foundation

Inside its libraries, PLS offers free informational brochures and guides on such topics as saving money for college, building a better credit report, keeping a budget, and fighting investor fraud. This information is also available through the PLS website at financialfitness.

Check out these valuable resources and Get moving toward financial freedom.


How Successful People Lead

In John Maxwell’s newbook, How Successful People Lead, the reader is guided through the “5 Levels of Leadership”. These levels range from “Positional Leadership” at the bottom to the highest level the author describes as “Pinnacle”. This compact book would be a good companion for any new supervisor or manager that has taken on a new challenge and has a new team to lead. This book will help you move from just being the boss or having a title to becoming a true leader. 

Check out this book and many other business titles in your hometown library or using our online catalog.


How to Have a Debt-Free Holiday Season!

By: Cristy Cash, Director of Counseling and Education at

Holiday spending is the prime time that we break our debt diets. The currents of tradition and spending plans can merge making a perfect storm and potentially a terrible mess! Here are some ideas to help you have a debt-free holiday season and help you plan for next year:

  • Automatic saving plan: Set it and forget it! A small amount each pay period automatically transferred to a designated account will leave you with plenty of money on hand next year.
  • Lay-a-way: Retailers are bringing back this old fashioned method of saving up for items you know you want to buy without using credit. If you find you can’t afford the item after all, don’t forget to ask for a refund of your money.
  • Going exempt for a paycheck or two: If you typically receive a tax refund in the spring, you may benefit from accessing extra cash from your paycheck by claiming exempt. Don’t forget to switch it back after you are finished or you may be in for a nasty surprise and a big tax bill.
  • Spend time, not money: Remember the best memories will not be any items unwrapped and will not have a price tag on them. The best memories will be time spent with people you love and who love you.

CCCS of Central Oklahoma is a non-profit, United Way member agency that has been providing free budget counseling since 1967. To contact CCCS visit or call 405-789-2227.


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