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PLS Literacy Newsletter

"Literacy arouses hopes, not only in society as a whole but also in the individual who is striving for fulfillment, happiness and personal benefit by learning how to read and write. Literacy...means far more than learning how to read and write...The aim is to transmit knowledge and promote social participation."
- UNESCO Institute for Education

Dear Visitor,

Happy New Year!

PicnicThis is the time for new beginnings and those pesky resolutions we make and thoroughly intend to keep. So how did this tradition begin? According to Wikipedia the ancient Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. The Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, for whom the month of January is named.
A few of the most popular resolutions include:

  • Improve physical well-being: eat healthy food, lose weight, and exercise more.
  • Improve mental well-being: think positive, laugh more often, enjoy life.
  • Improve finances: get out of debt, save money, make small investments.
  • Improve education: learn something new (such as a foreign language or music), read more books.
  • Volunteer to help others, give to charity, and volunteer to work in a charitable organization.

So what is the success rate? A 2007 study of 3,000 people sponsored by the University of Bristol showed that 88% of those who set New Year resolutions fail. Men achieved their goal 22% more often when they engaged in formal goal setting while women succeeded 10% more when they made their goals public and got support from friends.

Our resolution is for you to have a happy and prosperous New Year!

Norman Library Getting Facelift


After receiving a new HVAC system and updated lighting, the library’s carpeting is now being replaced.

This two month project began in early December 2013 and will be continuing through most of January 2014. The library will be closed entirely January 6 through January 20 while work is going on in the entryway and near the front desk area.

During this time we invite you to visit Norman Library West located at 300 Center Court (the old Borders bookstore.) Then, on January 21 stop in to see the exciting changes at 225 N. Webster.

Online Resources

Consider exploring these web sites with your student:

Consumer Help

This site offers advice on what to know and do in critical areas such as managing your money; credit, loans and debt; scams and identity theft and much more. Simply enter a search term or search alphabetically by topic. Available in English and Spanish.


A fun and informative encyclopedia of writing systems and languages. It includes sections on language learning tips, idioms and useful phrases in a variety of languages and a brief history of every language from Arabic to Zulu.


Tutoring Tips

Tips For Teaching Reading

  • Remember to consider your student’s interests and goals when planning any kind of lesson and when choosing teaching materials.
  • Help build your student’s background information by reading and discussing interesting news articles.
  • Model what good readers do. We don’t complete worksheets. We do talk about books and other things we’ve read.
  • Encourage silent reading.
  • Talk about the strategies that good readers use: drawing conclusions, finding the main idea, reading for specific information, sequencing material, making predictions, understanding text organization, summarizing.
  • Encourage reading outside of the lessons.
Include Word Recognition, Vocabulary Instruction, Fluency Practice and Comprehension Strategies in every lesson.

Book Clubs

New Reader's Book Club


Book: Only Passing Through: The Story of Sojourner Truth by Anne Rockwell
Date: Thursday, January 16, 2014
When: 3 - 4 p.m.
Location: Shawnee Library, Conference Room

This story follows Sojourner Truth from age nine, when she was sold at auction, through her years as an itinerant preacher speaking against the perils of slavery.


McClain County Classes

English as Second Language
Date: Mondays - Jan. 6, 13, 27
Thursdays - Jan. 9, 16, 23,30
Time: 7-8 p.m.
Location: Purcell Public Library

Date: Thursdays, Jan. 9, 16, 23, 30
Time: 10-11 a.m.
Location: Purcell Public Library

Date: Tuesday & Thursday evenings
Time: 6 - 8 p.m.
Location: Shawnee Public Library, Conference Room

GED Class
Date: Wednesdays - Jan. 6, 13, 27
Time: 6-9 p.m.
Location: Purcell Public Library


As always, don't forget to report your tutoring hours for the month. You may report your volunteer hours online, call 701-2682 or email us at

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