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May 2011

School may be coming to a close - but your hometown library is gearing up for a busy season! This month you can learn what's in store for 2011 Summer Reading, Business Services available year round, Special Services for kids & an important update about the Big Read.


Libraries will be closed:

May 29
May 30


Hello Visitor,


Polaroid of Library CardGet Ready for Summer Reading!

This year the PLS Summer Reading theme focuses on travel. Even if you find yourself at home this Summer your hometown library can be a stay-cation destination.

The Children's (ages 0 - 12) theme this year is, One World, Many Stories
     Presenters will include: Musicians Arabesque, Actor Tim Woods, Storyteller Al Bostick, Oklahoma Mesonet Meterologist Andrea Melvin & a special exhibit from the Oklahoma History Center.

The Teen's (ages 13-18) theme is, You Are Here
    Presenters will include: Artist Dora Obuobisa, Taekwondo Instructor Katherine Taylor, Ballroom Instructor Jose Ramirez, Author Greg Rodgers & Author Kelsey Timmerman.

The Adult (18+) theme is, Novel Destinations
    Presenters will include: Author Noel Miskovsky, AARP Speakers Bureau & Special PLS Reading Advisors.

Visit the Pioneer Library System calendar to find out when all of the Summer Reading Kickoffs begin & register online early for events with limited seating.

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Business ServicesBusiness

Your hometown library offers a wealth of information for the beginning & seasoned business professional.

Start expanding your business resources by attending one of our two business book discussion groups led by our Business Coordinators, Heather & Phil. You can read about current trends & issues professional face as well as network with like minded people.

Here are the dates, locations & books for May:

Open for Business Book Club - May 12 @ 6:30 p.m. Moore Public Library.
    Book: The Traveler's Gift. Summary: David Ponder is at a crossroads. Having lost his job and the will to live, he has been supernaturally selected to travel through time, gathering wisdom for future generations. Visits to historical figures yield the Seven Fundamentals for Success that will impact the entire world.

Brown Bag & Books Discussion- May 13 @ 12 p.m. Norman Public Library.
     Book: Silos, Politics & Turf Wars. Summary: Marketing won't speak to engineering. Sales thinks production hogs the budget. Front desk believes back room's lazy. These sorts of turf wars, which turn outwardly unified companies into groupings of uncommunicative "silos," are the stuff of management lore.

Be sure to visit our Business Services page to learn more about the services we offer professionals.


What was the last event you attended at your hometown library? Did you listen to a story time? Participate in a book discussion group? Attend a free computer training?

Perhaps you haven't been to the library recently - if that's the case click on your community of your choosing & find an event today!


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A Special Message for Kids

Child holding worldHey Kids! Need Books? If you are unable to come to the library this summer then our Home Services for Kids program can bring the library to you. Home Services for Kids is for young customers, in Cleveland, McClain, or Pottawatomie counties.

When using this service, you can choose to borrow books from any of the Pioneer Library System collections. Books will be mailed to you at the library's expense, for a standard three-week borrowing period. You return the books in a postage paid return mailer.

If you are interested in letting Pioneer Library System help with your summer reading needs have your adult call 405-310-4958 to start getting books. Please call between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

*Home Services are also available for adults unable to make it to a hometown library or information station due to health, economic or physical challenges. Interested adults please call 405-701-1837 for more info.



A Message from Anne Masters

Author Tim O'brien and PLS Director Anne MastersThe Pioneer Library System has just completed its fifth Big Read.   Thank you to everyone involved in supporting, promoting and implementing the many activities associated with this year’s Big Read: The Things They Carried.

Author Tim O’Brien’s presentations at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee and at the Sam Noble Museum in Norman were attended and appreciated by capacity crowds.  Long lines waited following the presentations to speak with the author and have their books signed.

We conduct our Big Read programs to encourage the reading of literature in Cleveland, McClain and Pottawatomie counties.  We believe the reading of literature helps us to be better people and citizens – more understanding, more empathetic, more able to appreciate the complexity of issues, more willing to be involved.    I can’t imagine a better message to convey the value of literature than that delivered by Tim O’Brien.    

These presentations also provided an opportunity to celebrate the new Pioneer Library System Foundation.  Grant writing and fund raising conducted through the Foundation  made Tim O’Brien’s visit possible. 

It is with excitement that we can now announce that next year’s Big Read title will be The Joy Luck Club and that Amy Tan will be here next spring.  The Foundation will be working to put together the funds to support that visit.  The Pioneer Foundation is seeking 100 Founding Donors.  Founding Donors may be individuals, but they may also be organizations, businesses, book discussion groups or other groups who support the Foundation’s mission:  To provide advocacy and financial support to enrich the present and enhance the future of the Pioneer Library System.  For more information, please email PLS Development Officer Susan Grossman  

Long live books and public libraries and all they do to make our world a better place!

Anne Masters, Director

Pioneer Library System



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