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Literacy Grant Supports Cleveland County Literacy

 The Oklahoma Department of Libraries announced that a $7,330 grant was awarded to the Cleveland County Literacy Program to support local adult literacy efforts. 

 According to the 2003 Oklahoma State Assessment of Adult Literacy, 12 percent of Oklahomans over the age of 16 read at Below Basic Level, with another 31 percent of adults having only the most Basic reading skills. In Cleveland County 12 percent of individuals over the age of 16 have not achieved a 12th grade education. Individuals at these levels often face significant obstacles when trying to succeed in the workplace, community, and everyday life.
The Cleveland County Literacy Program, a program of the Pioneer Library System, is a volunteer based program that provides free literacy instruction to adults who want to improve their reading, writing and English speaking skills. Learners work one-to-one with a trained tutor using a variety of teaching methods and materials. Funds will be used to support the activities of the Literacy Program.
According to Jane Douglass, coordinator of the Cleveland County Literacy Program, “Even though this is a volunteer program, these funds are vital to our ability to offer quality literacy services to this community.”
Grant funds were awarded by the Literacy Resource Office, a division of the Office of Library Development. State funding appropriated by the Oklahoma Legislature not only provides literacy grants to programs throughout the state, but provides ongoing technical assistance, training, and resources to support local adult literacy efforts.
For more information about the local literacy program, or to find out how to volunteer, contact Jane Douglass at 701-2682. 


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