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The Field of Sequential Art

William Erwin Eisner was born on this date, March 6 (1917-2005), and today we honor his contributions to the world of comics and graphic novels. He termed his art as, “The Field of Sequential Art” and the industry named one of the most prestigious awards after him, The Will Eisner Comic Industry Award, otherwise known as “The Eisner’s.”  Eisner was born and raised in New York City and to supplement the family’s income, he sold newspapers and got to see all the comics every day. And one of the most important parts of his education and development to his career was reading.  He read vicariously and with his natural artistic ability of storytelling, this lead to one of the early forms of the graphic novel. Eisner used the graphic novel format to combine thematic, visual stories that were bound in a single volume. Today we celebrate the man, the myth, and the legend all rolled into one. Check out our dazzling graphic novel collection at your hometown library today!

The Best of the Spirit by Will Eisner

A reproduction of a classic collection of 22 tales which date from the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. >From the headquarters deep beneath Wildwood Cemetery, masked crime fighter Danny Colt fights crime in Central City and beyond. Look for the dangerous Femmes Fatale, street crooks, criminal master-minds, and yes, even creatures from outer space. A true comic classic for anyone interested in the history of comics and the art form from the golden age. 

A Life Force by Will Eisner

Chronicling not only the Great Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression, but also the rise of Nazism and the spread of left-wing (socialist) politics throughout the poorest neighborhoods of New York, Will Eisner recreates himself as the protagonish, Jacob Shtarkah, whose existential search for the meaning of life reflected Eisner's own deep, lifelong, personal struggle. 

A Contract with God by Will Eisner

A single-volume edition of a classic, revolutionary Great Depression graphic novel series documents its role in launching the graphic novel as an art form, in a collection that fictionally depicts its creator's bittersweet struggles with a vengeful God within a tenement district of his youth through a quartet of four interwoven stories. Expressing the joy, exuberance, tragedy, and drama of life on the mythical Dropsie Avenue of the Bronx, A Contract With God is a monumental achievement, a must in the library of any graphic novel fan.

Minor Miracles: long ago and once upon a time back when uncles were heroic, cousins were clever, and miracles happened on every block by Will Eisner

Eisner explores the everyday marvels of our lives, inking larger-than-life characters from his childhood: an uncle who scams his way from beggar to business owner, an enigmatic wandering child who silently brings peace to the neighborhood, a streetwise kid who out schemes the schemers at every turn, and an infirm couple whose handicaps lead them to true companionship.

To the heart of the Storm by Will Eisner

Based loosely on the author's life, this graphic novel explores the bigotry, social change, and economic reversal experienced by a Jewish family in the years prior to World War II. 


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