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March Madness!

The quick double-thump of the basketball, the adrenaline-surged race down the court, and then the magical last second “swoosh” at the final buzzer…Yessss! It’s March Madness and time for some page -turning hoops at the Pioneer Library System, where we’ve got the best seats in the game.  Learn all about the history of Basketball, the jump shot to the pros and the inside scoop of the hoops. This month we got Magic, a Doctor, a Bird, and a little “Thunder” to cheer for March Madness. Check these titles out and get in the game!

The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons

A big, thick, steaming bowl of witty and intelligent commentary on the greatest players and teams ever to grace the League, written by popular columnist and TV and radio sports personality Bill Simmons.


Doc: the rise and rise of Julius Erving by Vincent M. Mallozzi.

The definitive biography of Julius Erving – aka “Dr. J.” He operated flawlessly on the court and produced two decades of hoop miracles with jump shots, silk layups, super dunks, and even the mythical anti-gravity silent swooshes. This work is a cure for any basketball reader suffering from the blues.


 When the game was ours by Larry Bird and Ervin “Magic” Johnson with Jackie MacMullian.

Flash vs. Grit, Hollywood vs. Beantown, and Purple vs. Green. One was “The Magic” and the other was “The Bird.” This book embarks on one of the most competitive rivalries on and off the court that left opponents shaking in their high-tops. A classic work covering the best of the NBA at a time when these two Hall-Of-Famers were synonymous with world championships, MVPs, and Dream Teams.


The Last Amateurs: playing for glory and honor in Division I by John Feinstein

Jayhawks? Tar Heels? Blue Devils? Not on your life with this division. Feinstein covers seven colleges in the Division I Patriot League and takes the reader to one of the most intense conferences on the court without the world spotlight of ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and over-hyped fame encumbering the sport. NPR commentator Feinstein covers a single season and explains what the sport is supposed to be all about.  



Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper shoot for Oscar-winning performances in this hoops classic based on a true story of a small-town high school underdog team from Indiana that goes all the way to the state finals. Some teams need a second chance to finish first and this one will steal your heart first. 



NBA superstar Kevin Durant switches his skills on the court with a fan that suddenly becomes the star of his school basketball team. Meanwhile, Durant can’t make a 2 pointer to save his own team. Then, the playoffs loom and everybody is in the storm. Make this one count and check it out today!  

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