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Golden Finds: Gold Rush Facts and Fiction

August is the anniversary of the 1896 Klondike Gold Rush. Some may only know of the event through Jack London's tales and Robert W. Service's poetry.  Here are books about the food, the people, the gold, and -- above all -- the adventure!    True crime, food, romance, and even science fiction all inspired by the rough, perilous, and mysterious lives of  prospectors and sourdoughs.

California Gold Rush Cooking cover

California Gold Rush Cooking

by Lisa golden Schroeder
CNF 641.5 SC

Taste what life was like for prospectors in the California Gold Rush.  Each recipe is followed by an explanation of why and how the food was eaten.  The rest of the history is as easily consumed as the recipes included in this volume, covering topics such as the everyday lives, vocabulary, and hardships from the time period.  The book is part of a series that explores other foods and historical periods.   

Classic Sourdoughs coverClassic Sourdoughs: a Home Baker's Handbook
by Ed Wood
ANF 641.815 WO

For an adult version of the cookbook, why not check out some sourdough recipes?  Did you know that sourdough starters were so common and so important during the Klondike Gold Rush that people who lasted the winter were called sourdoughs?  Sourdough starters not only can be used to make delicious breads, but also are extremely hardy and travel well.

Bonshaker CoverBoneshaker
by Cherie Priest
SF Priest

The Klondike God Rush can take a steampunk, horror route in a book like Boneshaker.  Airships, zombies, and mad scientists populate this alternate American history.  The story focuses on a mother who will dare any danger to rescue her son from the man who destroyed Seattle...  And who might be her husband.


Floor of Heaven coverThe Floor of Heaven: a True Tale of the Last Frontier and the Yukon Gold Rush
by Howard Blum
ANF 979.803 BL

This true tale isn't a dry history -- it's the tale of what happens when the Wild West is tamed, but the people aren't.  The hordes rush north, searching for wealth and adventure and wild lawlessness.  Those who arrive explore, prospect, and some, well, they steal.  Thieves pull off a heist of gold bars and no one can figure out how -- until the legendary Pinkerton Agency is called in to track the culprits down. 


Snow Angel coverSnow Angel
by Jamie Carie

Romance can bloom in the Far North.  This novel follow Noah and the woman he finds frozen near to death outside his isolated cabin. Like so many, she is searching for gold, but with a passion that drives her into deeper danger than most would be willing to face.


The Gold Rush DVD coverThe Gold Rush
produced by PBS Home Video
ANF 622.184 GO

Learn how tiny San Francisco of 1853 -- population 800 -- was forever altered by the discovery of gold in the American River.  The Gold Rush set the city, its state, and maybe ever the country on the path to what it is today.  The history is presented both with recreations and with original daguerreotypes from the time period.  


Goldwatcher coverThe Goldwatcher
by John Katz
ANF 332.632 KA

And don't forget that gold is something that still affects us today.  Learn the ins and outs of gold investing from the experts, in clear, understandable language.  The book also explores the causes of recent fluctuations in the value.      

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