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PLS Presents: Children's Fable Podcast

Dog and His Reflection. Bernard Salomon: Aesop Cycle (1547)According to Great Lives from History: The Ancient World, Prehistory–476 c.e., Aesop lived in the sixth century b.c.e (before common era). If the biography written about him is even partially true, he lived a life more fanciful than all of his fables combined.

He came from Thrace, an area in southeast Europe; was a slave on the Greek island of Samos and was released from slavery for being too much trouble; was described by his biographer as "very ugly, worthless as a servant, potbellied, snub-nosed, swarthy, short-armed, squinted-eyed and liver-lipped"; and was known, as far away as Babylon, for his verbal prowess.


For October, the librarians from the Moore Public Library Children's Department selected one of Aesop's Fables to tell for your enjoyment. The tale goes by many names, all you need to know is it involved a greedy little dog and his prized piece of meat.

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