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PLS Presents : Get Caught Reading in May!

Image of Yoda reading a book - poster from AAP websiteMay is "Get Caught Reading Month!" Sponsored by the Association of American Publishers and brainchild of former Congresswoman Pat Schroeder. Get Caught Reading Month is a nationwide campaign intended to encourage people of all ages to read and to remind them that reading is fun!

Why should you get caught reading? Because research shows -- Adult reading has been linked to higher salaries. Adults who read are more active in their communities and volunteer more. Reading relieves stress and is an enjoyable way to continue lifelong learning. If you are caught reading with your children, know that early language experience stimulates the brain. Reading to a child gives them a valuable advantage when they start school.

Pioneer Library System wants to encourage you to get caught reading this month and all year round - we are here to connect you to the joy of reading and information for lifelong learning.

Click here to listen to what some of our patrons have been caught reading this month (in mp3 format).


And if you want to know more about the titles listed in the podcast be sure to visit the following links:

Wall Street Journal
Business Week
Christ the Lord: Road to Cana
The Burnt House
Soul of Sponsorship
Bear on a Bike
Clique Series
Twilight (download audio link)
Dreams from my Father
You Staying Young
Olivia Counts
Enchanted Forest Chronicles
Iron Horse
Tell me a Story
Year of Living Biblically
100 Cupboards
Mystery of Mr. Nice
Novelist - EBSCOHost

Also, a big Thanks! to the Moore and Norman Public Library patrons who were kind enough to talk with us when they were caught reading. Cool

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