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Food for Fines was music to our ears

Just so you knowThe hometown public libraries of the Pioneer Library System offered customers a chance to help their communities when they donated a can of food to reduce their library fines by $1 (up to $20) during Food for Fines week, December 1 through December 7.

And to thank all of you for contributing, we've recorded a special PLS Presents: version of the 12 Days of Christmas, rather 7 Days of Food for Fines, for all of you to enjoy.

Click here for MP3

Almost every one of the branch libraries reported an amazing number of cans collected during the week. Overall, we report 5,020 cans of food were donated. That’s 1.65 tons of food going to make this holiday season better for our neighbors. And approximately $5,020 worth of library fines wiped from the slate as early holiday presents for our customers.

Donated items were given to local charities, food banks, and community service organizations for those in need during the holidays.

An additional Thank You to the PLS Virtual Library Holiday Caterwaulers for donating their vocal talents.

On the days of Food for Fines,
patrons brought to me:
487 pounds of beans,
326 cans of meat,
539 canned tomatoes,
460 pounds of corn,
319 canned fruits,
151 pounds of yams, and
783 canned green beans.
And a whole bunch of other stuff you wouldn't want to listen to us sing
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