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What are the rules for using the Noble Library meeting rooms?

Noble Public Library Meeting Room Policy

Community groups and/or individuals are encouraged to use the meeting room at Noble Public Library for educational, cultural, civic purposes and certain social events, but the meeting room may not be scheduled for commercial purposes.

First priority is given to programs and meetings sponsored by the library.  Noble Community groups will have priority over social events.  (The fee and/or deposit for community groups may be waived.)

The City of Noble does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints expressed in meetings or by meeting room users.

Use of the meeting room is subject to the following conditions for equitable use and maintenance of the facility:

The Library having a signed Use Agreement.

A Paid fee of $25.00 per event (non refundable)          

 A deposit of $100.00 (that will be returned if room is left satisfactory).


1. The City of Noble reserves the right to keep ALL or part of the deposit for any damage resulting from non-compliance of the meeting room Use Agreement (If damage is greater than the deposit, the signing party will be responsible for the additional charges).

2. The meeting room reservations may be made one at a time, for up to three months in advance. Multiple reservations may be scheduled only at the discretion of the Library Manager or her designee.

Availability can be reviewed online

To reserve the meeting room, users must come to the Library, during regular business hours to pay their fee, deposit and to sign a Use Agreement.

3. The person who signed the Use Agreement can sign-out a key during regular business hours on the day of the event .

NOTE:  Neither library staff, city employees nor police will come and open the building for any group that fails too sign-out a key during regular library business hours.

4.  When finished, the key should be left in the meeting room or put in the book drop

5. Adult sponsors must not leave minor youths or children in the meeting room unsupervised at any time.

6. No illegal drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises.  No tobacco use is allowed on the premises.

7. NOTHING may be attached to the walls, ceiling, doors, or lights.  No open flames.  No silly string.

8. There are 20 tables and 120 chairs available for use.

9. The meeting room includes a kitchen area.  The kitchen is intended for serving purposes only.  An ice maker, refrigerator/freezer, and a microwave are available.  You will need to provide your own utensils, flatware, dinnerware, etc.

10. Each group is responsible for cleaning the kitchen.  Trash is to be bagged and taken to the dumpster.  The dumpster is on the West side of the building. (Caution:  if you close the door, it will lock.)  Some trash bags and basic cleaning supplies are available in the kitchen.

11. Meeting room users are responsible for the condition of the room. Those groups who repeatedly leave the room in an unsatisfactory condition, at the discretion of the staff, will have their meeting room use privileges withdrawn. Meeting room users, are responsible for the financial expense to the City of Noble for any clean-up or repair to the meeting room and/or Noble City Library facility due to their activities while using the meeting room.


For meetings concluding after the library closes:

All persons must exit the building though the meeting room lobby.  The group must make sure that the doors have automatically locked. 

If there is difficulty with the doors locking, please notify the Noble Police at 872-9231.


How confidential is my library record?

Customers may ask for access to their own record; however, other individuals may not inspect a customer's record except with the customer's authorization or by order of a court of law.

Parents of minor children under the age of 18 may have access to their child's record. Oklahoma Statute 1040.75 defines a juvenile as an unmarried person under 18 years of age.

Oklahoma law protects the confidentiality of Library Users' Records Oklahoma law protects the confidentiality of Library Users' Records:


OKLAHOMA STATUTE 65-1-105 (2002). Disclosure of records.
A . Any library which is in whole or in part supported by public funds including but not limited to public, academic, school or special libraries, and having records indicating which of its documents or other materials, regardless of format, have been loaned to or used by an identifiable individual or group shall not disclose such records to any person except to:
1.         Persons acting within the scope of their duties in the administrations of
            the library;
2.         Persons authorized to inspect such records, in writing, by the individual
            or group; or
3.         By order of a court of law.
B. The requirements of this section shall not prohibit middle and elementary school libraries from maintaining a system of records that identifies the individual or group to whom library materials have been loaned even if such system permits a determination, independent of any disclosure of such information by the library, that documents or materials have been loaned to an individual or group.


What kind of material can minors access at the library?

Parental Consent

The signature of a parent or guardian acknowledges responsibility for library materials checked out to the child. It is the policy of the library not to act in loco parentis, in keeping with the principles of equal access to information and materials for all customers.

Therefore, the library will not restrict any customer, including children, from access to any type or class of materials or from any information in the library.

If a parent or guardian does not wish his/her child to have access to particular materials, they will need to discuss the restrictions with the child in the context of their parent-child relationship.

If a parent or guardian wishes to withdraw the acknowledgement of responsibility from his/her child's card, the library staff will deactivate the child's record, so that no materials may be checked out to that card. The child's access to library collections and the Internet is then available only through the parent or guardian's library card.

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