Adult Male StudentMake a Difference - Become a Tutor

Tutors are volunteers from the community who would like to make a difference. You need no previous teaching experience; Pioneer's Literacy staff will provide basic literacy training and workbooks to assist the tutor and new readers. It just takes a few hours a week. Tutoring presents many opportunities to:

   Share your skills in speaking, reading and writing
   Make your own schedule
   Participate in Continuing Education
   Improve and change lives
   Make a new friend

Get more information about becoming a tutor, learning to read, or learning English by completing the online request form, visiting a library, or calling 405-701-2682.

Cat saying HelloMy name is Jenny Stenis and I'm the new literacy coordinator.

Our dear Jane Douglass retired earlier this year and I have taken her place. I look forward to working with Carla and Adriana and learning the ropes.

I would love to meet you all, so if you have the time please stop by the literacy office, located at 225 North Webster in Norman. Currently I am in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays!

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