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Tutors are volunteers from the community who would like to make a difference. You need no previous teaching experience; Pioneer's Literacy staff will provide basic literacy training and workbooks to assist the tutor and new readers. It just takes a few hours a week. Tutoring presents many opportunities to:

   Share your skills in speaking, reading and writing
   Make your own schedule
   Participate in Continuing Education
   Improve and change lives
   Make a new friend

Get more information about becoming a tutor, learning to read, or learning English by completing the online request form, visiting a library, or calling 405-701-2682.

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News & New Resources
Hooray for Ms. Elliott! 
Congratulations are in order for Ms. Elliott on her recently acquired citizenship!

She is pictured here with her tutor Janna Corn.
Check out these awesome online resources
we recommend for your students!
  • will match you with partners in their global community from 170 countries speaking 130 languages. Connect & practice how you want using text, audio, or video.
  • is a language app where your teachers are native language speakers from around the world. It can be used on either iOS or Android. You pick the language you want to learn - there are over 100 from which to select - and almost instantaneously you'll be in touch with natives speakers of that language; you'll start learning and practicing immediately.
  • is the free science-based language education platform that has organically become the most popular way to learn languages online.
  • Mango Languages available with your library card, available on the web and through iOS and Android devices. Do self paced lessons or watch movies to explore languages.
Tutor Tips 
Techniques for Questioning ESL Students:
Within the tutoring session, frequently check students' comprehension to make sure they really understand concepts. ESL students may nod their heads as though they understand when they really don't. Encourage participation and check comprehension in non-threatening ways, and provide cooperative experiences by using the following techniques.
(Compiled by Tracy Henniger-Chiang (1997), Director of Global Language Institute; UW-River Falls.)
Most Difficult: Wh- questions (Who, What, Where, When, Why, Which & How) "Why is A more difficult?"
Easier: OR questions. "Which is more difficult, A or B?"
Easiest: YES / NO questions check comprehension, but do not rely on this strategy too much. "Is this difficult for you?"
Begin with the most difficult question type. If these cannot be answered by the student, try a less difficult level to help them understand what you're asking; then work toward the more difficult levels.
  • Ask the students to give examples when explaining concepts.
  • Ask students to become the tutor and explain the concept to you.
  • Search for answers to questions with the students.
  • Use restatement to clarify students' responses; "I think you said . . ."
  • Admit it if there is a communication problem; "I don't understand."
  • Write down words the student does not know.
Upcoming Classes through December 2017
Citizenship classes will begin in the fall.
Cleveland County Literacy
National Literacy Month Program September 12
ESL Tutor Training on August 12 and September 9
Combined ESL and Literacy Tutor Training, October 21
Tutor Round Tables, August 22 and October 24
Odyssey Book Club, October 10, November 14
McClain County Literacy:
English as a Second Language Classes
Mondays at 6pm starting August 14th
Thursdays at 11 am starting August 17th
High School Equivalency Classes
Tuesdays at 6pm starting August 15th
Pottawatomie County Literacy
ESL classes starting September 12, twice weekly until May
New Learners Book Club September 14, monthly
September 30, Basic Literacy and ESL Training

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