Business Databases

A variety of databases filled with current information to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and employees. Information includes regional business publications; consumer, demographic, and market segmentation data; and grant opportunities.

Research Databases for Small Business

Business Discussion Kits

Multiple book discussion kits available for check-out supplied with about 10 books, book marks, and discussion questions to enable you to have a successful discussion.  Titles are all business oriented with focuses on entrepreneurship, customer service, teamwork, and ethics.

Business Book Discussion Kits

Business Training Kits

Several business training kits available for check-out to use with small groups of employees.  Topics include interpersonal relations and communication in the workplace, supervisory and leadership skills, teamwork, creativity, ethics, and customer service.

Business Training Kits

Business Magazines

Available to read online or download
cover of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine cover of Forbes magazine cover of Newsweek magazine

Business & Finance Books



Let PLS Business Services help you succeed!

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The Pioneer Library System offers resources that can assist you in achieving your business goals and get you on the way to a prosperous and successful period in your life. Take advantage of our following services to help your personal growth and development. We're here for you! 

Schedule a Librarian – Did you know that you can schedule a personal tour of our Business Resources with a library staff member? During your appointment, library staff will showcase tools to help with business development, demographic research, and more. One hour appointments can be scheduled at least 24-hours in advance. Make your appointment by contacting the Business Outreach Coordinators or filling out the appointment form.

Improve your marketing efforts – Our Virtual Library offers databases that can help you identify your current market, find new customers, or help with your plans for expansion. BusinessDecision, for instance, gives you the ability to complete a demographic study of any location you choose nationwide. Along with traditional demographic information (population, income, household size, etc.), BusinessDecision gives you insights into how consumers live and spend their money. This valuable information can be implemented when deciding what markets to target and what types of advertising to use. It is also a great tool to utilize when considering a new location. 

Train your staffBusiness Training Kits are available at all of our library locations. We have training kits that focus on customer service, respect in the workplace, leadership skills, social media, teamwork, and many other important topics. All training kits include a leader's guide, DVD, and handout materials. Many also include a PowerPoint presentation, participant workbooks, and books for discussion. You might feel that your business is too small to conduct trainings of this kind, but ongoing employee development is important no matter the size of your organization. 

Check out this great Business Training Kit:

WAYMISH: Why Are You Making It So Hard – For Me to Give You My Money?

WAYMISH is an acronym for: Why Are You Making It So Hard…for me to give you my money? It represents all the slights and indifferences made by employees and organizations that lead customers to believe that you don't really want their business. Things like not listening to what the customer is saying, putting policies ahead of common sense, not attempting to resolve complaints, etc. Your trainees will love the way the show's host is COMPLETELY on their side--not trying to embarrass, not trying to preach--just suggesting new more effective ways to handle customer situations.

Expand your mind – The Pioneer System has a vast collection of Business Book Discussion Kits that can be checked out and used with your company or group. These kits cover an array of difference subjects applicable in today’s workplace. The kits include at least ten copies of the book and a discussion guide. The guide includes reviews and sample discussion questions to get you started. There are also articles on the author and subject.