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"In art there are no mistakes, only opportunities for creativity." - A wise art teacher

Get creative this summer with these titles for all age groups. You might even find your new hobby, so you can thank us later!

Dad's Book of Awesome Projects: From Stilts and Super-Hero Capes to Tinker Boards and Seesaws by Mike Adamick

Inside, you'll find step-by-step instructions and photographs detailing projects so imaginative and fun, no one will complain about turning off the TV. From wooden "swords" to slay the most vicious of dragons to circus stilts that will send you soaring to new heights, these projects are sure to spark everyone's creative spirit. And the fun doesn't stop there!

Bead Crafts by Greta Speechley

Beads are a fun and easy medium that brings glitz and glam to any object. This book features twelve designs that show readers how to create fun bead-bearing items including jewelry, games, and covers for books and bottles. Kids can even get together and create matching pieces for their superhero squad. Students craft their own beads from widely available and easy-to-use materials.

Medieval Castle Adventure Crafts by Anna Llimos Plomer

The fun doesn't have to stop with the classic superheroes. Kids can also explore and create their own medieval heroes. This book provides step-by-step instructions on how to make eleven simple medieval-themed crafts, such as a knight, castle, dragon, and more, and it includes a story for kids to tell with their crafts.

Beauty: Things to Make and Do by Jennifer Traig and Julianne Balmain

Even heroes need help feeling their best from the inside out. Don't forget that you can pamper yourself and still be a successful and powerful figure. With over 40 simple recipes you can whip up in the time it takes to skin an avocado, dozens of full-color illustrations throughout, sassy drawings, and attitude to burn, Crafty Girl is more than a book--it's a way of life.

Super Crafty: Over 75 Amazing How-To Projects by Susan Beal

Take a few projects from this collection, and your friends will be calling you Captain Unique. The crafts scene is thriving as people embrace hobbies in order to create something beautiful, functional and unique. With its sleek design and edgy tone, Super Crafty is the ultimate hipster's craft guide, with a wide array of accessible projects suitable for all skill levels.

Everything Crafts - Easy Projects by the Everything Series

Not artistically inclined? No problem! You can still join in on the crafting fun. Everything(r) crafts-easy projects is a handy manual on learning how to create many unique works of art. with simple directions, two-color inserts, and dozens of clear black-and-white photographs, this reader-friendly book shows beginners how to master essential craft skills and techniques to produce beautiful decorations, books, and accessories for every occasion.

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Featured Reviews from our SRP Heroes

A Monster is Coming Book Jacket CoverTitle: A Monster is Coming!
Author: David L. Harrison
Series: Step into reading: step 2
Notes: Child Audience

Review: Mama bug said baby bug eats like a monster and the animals thought mama said a monster is coming and all hid.


Meet Julie Book Jacket CoverTitle: Meet Julie: an American girl
Author: Megan McDonald
Series: American Girls: Julie Albright
Notes: Child Audience

Review: I read Julie because I love American Girl Dolls and their books. The reason I chose "Julie" is because she seems like she could be me. We have so many things in common. Like playing basketball and having this certain girl at school that will always be there for me, and I will always be there for her.


For Boys Only Book Jacket CoverTitle: For Boys Only: The Biggest, Baddest Book Ever
Author: Marc Aronson
Notes:Child Audience

Review: Full of facts and humor. The banter was fun and friendly. Like.


Iluminate Book Jacket CoverTitle: Illuminate
Author: Aimee Agresti
Series: Gilded wings novels
Notes: Teen Audience

Review: Really enjoyed this book, can't wait to read the next one in the series.


Darkfever Book Jacket CoverTitle: Darkfever
Author: Henning Mankell
Series: Fever novels
Notes: Adult Audience

Review: Love this series. I've been tearing through this one, and I am now waiting for book four to become available. I really enjoy the dialogue between the characters and always love a strong heroine and a mystery in my books. Def recommend.

Meet Our Heroes  

This summer you can level up one of these heroes by logging your minutes read at our SRPO HQ.
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Hero Name: Fable Fox
Secret Identity: Leona Bond
Powers & Abilities: Serves the community while hiding in the shadows. Able to reclaim stolen items and return them to their owners. Has strong athletic abilities and razor-sharp claws which are built into her super suit.

Special Notes:
Was taken by the city’s most powerful mafia as payment for her parents’ debt. She chose to leave her new family’s unjust business. Now, she focuses on restoring the happiness of others who have had precious items stolen from them.


Hero Name: Super Levant
Secret Identity: Oliver Davidson
Powers & Abilities: Operates as an officer for a secret mutant organization. Has the ability to beam destructive light forces from his eyes and tactical skills.

Special Notes:
Was a test pilot for the U.S. Air Force. When he was flying his wife and children home after a vacation to the Galapagos Islands, they were shot out of the sky by unknown agents, and he suffered an injury that brought about his power.

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