Featured Reviews from our SRP Heroes

Good News Bad News coverTitle: Good News Bad News
Author: Jeff Mack
Notes: Picture Book.

Review: There was a mouse and a rabbit.  The rabbit kept on saying whenever there was good news he said good news but the mouse said bad news.


Amazing spider-man coverTitle: The amazing Spider-Man (2014-), vol. 02 : spider-verse prelude 
Author: Dan Slott
Series: Amazing Spider-Man 

Notes: Comic Book

Review: Since this is just the prelude to the "spider-verse" story arc, you will be left at a cliff hanger that will haunt you. I have yet to find the rest of the story arc but please do not let that stop you from reading this volume. Because it includes the last issues of superior spider-man that I am sure any fan would not want to miss out on. 

Faceless Killers Book Jacket CoverTitle: Faceless Killers: A Mystery
Author: Henning Mankell
Series: Kurt Wallander Mysteries #1
Notes: Adult Audience. Translated from Swedish

Review: We are first introduced to Kurt Wallander, the Swedish detective in small town Ystad, in The Faceless Killers when an elderly couple is savagely beaten in killed in their farmhouse. In true Scandinavian fashion, we not only see the Wallander methodically piece together the clues but also get a glimpse into his not-great personal life, with a divorce looming, a free-spirited daughter, and an elderly father on the brink of senility. Mankell seamlessly weaves together the two narratives.