Summer logoThe Pioneer Library System’s 2019 Summer Learning Challenge featured a goal of community readers earning one million points by August through a variety of activities.

Well, you’ve done it! Already! Readers have shattered that goal, reaching the one million point total by mid-June.

In celebration, each of the 12 PLS libraries in Cleveland, McClain and Pottawatomie counties will host a Community Goal Celebration to mark the achievement on Wednesday, June 26. Libraries will celebrate with an “out of this world” dress-up day related to this year’s Summer Learning theme, “A Universe of Stories.”

More importantly, the achievement has triggered a donation PLS will make of 3,000 books to children participating in the WIC program in each of the three counties. The book donations were funded by the Pioneer Library System Foundation, Cynthia Cooper and the Oklahoma Electric Cooperative. PLS is working directly with the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, McClain County Health Department and Cleveland County Health Department to distribute the books during the next year.

As of mid-June, more than 5,600 people have enrolled in this year’s Summer Learning Challenge, and already almost 500 have completed their personal goals.

So what’s next? Now librarians are going to set a new goal in a “Mega Challenge” for communities.

This time, the goal number is to reach a total of three million points. Library users can continue to earn points toward their individual goals for the summer through various activities. Those who haven't yet signed up are invited to get their signup process started here.

Stay tuned for details on future activities that will commemorate this mark, once we get there.

Sponsors for this year’s Summer Learning Program are the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, Friends of the Library groups, Hitachi Computer Products of America (Inc.), Institute of Museums and Library Services, Oklahoma College Savings Plan, Pioneer Library System, Pioneer Library System Foundation, Sonic, Oklahoma Department of Libraries and the Oklahoman Newspapers in Education.