We have an Autorenewal service that automatically renews eligible items up to three times for customers in good standing. Autorenewal will take place on the item’s due date. Customers will receive an email informing them that the items were renewed, if an email address is listed in the account. 

Items that cannot be renewed are Sizzlers, Movie Box movies, Interlibrary Loan items, Book Discussion Kits and any item on hold for someone else.

If you’d like to renew your items before the due date, you can use the library website or the automated telephone system.

Use the library website


Use the automated telephone system

Call 405.701.2688

- Press 5 to renew books

    - Will be prompted to enter barcode on library card (enter all 14 digits)

    - Will be prompted with options:

    - Press 1 to renew one item - you will enter the barcode of the single item to be renewed

    - Press 2 to renew all items - all items checked out will be renewed 

    - Press 4 to listen to a list of items for renewal - system will give option to renew each item after each title is read.

Press * at any time to cancel current action and go back to the menu