iPhone users, we have a way for you to read your digital ebooks without having to use your data plan or wifi! Follow these steps:

1. Open the PLS Connect App.

2. After you sign in with your Library Card Number and PIN, tap "Search Books".

3. After you tap "Search Books", tap the digital book icon and search for a title.


4. Tap the Plus Sign on the upper right corner and then tap Download Digital.


5. Your digital book has now been automatically downloaded onto Safari, your internet browser.

6. In order to read your digital book offline, KEEP YOUR INTERNET BROWSER OPEN. (If you close your browser, you will have to re-download the book, as it only caches the info for the current browser session.)

7. Open settings.

8. Find Airplane Mode and turn it on by tapping the white button. (Once it turns green, it is enabled.)


9. Navigate back to your Safari internet browser. Tap OK on the message asking you to turn off Airplane Mode, but do not turn off Airplane Mode. 

10. You are now able to read your digitial book offline!